‘SPECTRE’: Daniel Craig Talks About The Difficulties In Following Up On The Success Of ‘Skyfall’

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘SPECTRE’: Daniel Craig Talks About The Difficulties In Following Up On The Success Of ‘Skyfall’

Daniel Craig has the most coveted role an actor can bag and he has been doing everything that he can to do justice to the role. He returns as 007 James Bond in “SPECTRE” where he will be encountering one of the biggest villains of Bond history. The actor in a recent interview spoke about doing more Bond films and the kind of pressure that is riding on him post the mega success of “Skyfall.”

According to Games Radar, every time Daniel sits down to describe “SPECTRE,” he refers to the movie as “Skyfall times ten.” It is true because the way “Skyfall” performed at the box office; it put the Bond franchise back as one of the most valued movie franchise in the world. Taking into consideration that, expectations with the movie were sure to be through the roof, there’s something else that fascinated Daniel and that happens to be the superspy’s origins.

In a recent interview, the “Skyfall” actor mentioned that everyone seems understandably daunted when they are asked about following up on “Skyfall,” but there are these questions that keep on surfacing again and again when they were going to start filming “SPECTRE.” Questions like, with which direction will the makers go with “SPECTRE?” How do you follow up after a movie like “Skyfall?” The answer came in the form of flamboyance and the actor himself thought it was the best way to move forward while shooting for “SPECTRE” as opposed to the Roger Moore approach he was going to take. Perhaps that is the reason why we see Bond running the ropes at MI6 as he goes on a rampage following a trail.

The actor did have a surprising response when he was asked if he wants to do another Bond film after this. As of now he does not really want to do another one but might decide later if he wants to re-visit the franchise. He also mentioned that he has a life and he has to get on with it.

Just Jared reported what Daniel said about his character. According to the actor he would not like to hang out with his own super spy character if he did exist in real. The maximum he could spend with him is maybe an evening but he was not sure after that. Whatever the case be, fans are surely looking for “SPECTRE” to release and are confident that this movie is going to be even bigger than the previous one.

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