‘Spectre’: James Bond Blows Up Cars Costing £24million

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Spectre’: James Bond Blows Up Cars Costing £24million

James Bond, the action hero is about to tear the screen once again with the new film “Spectre”. This time it’s something beyond the smoking chemistry of Agent Bond and his girl or beyond the unfolding mystery that makes the headline for this movie.

Mail Online has reported that this Bond film is going to be the most costly one in this franchise. The information says that almost £200million will be expensed for the movie and Bond will be seen burning cars worth £24million.

Yes, you heard it right. We will witness Daniel Craig fire up numerous expensive cars in his journey towards destroying the villains.

The Ian Fleming’s Spy will destroy Aston Martin DB10 sports cars, especially designed for the latest 007 extravaganza. The futuristic sports cars happened to be equipped with the famous ejector seat and almost ten cars of this sort were needed during the filming. Interestingly, Craig will be the first after Sean Connery who will be seen driving the iconic DB5, that’s almost after 51 years. Connery received the chance to drive the prestigious vehicle in “Goldfinger”.

A singular nerve-crushing chasing scene that is shot in the streets of Rome, calls for millions of pounds expense. In this scene, the villain was hounding with his Jaguar C-X75 after the agent’s Aston Martin. In this particular scene, Craig will give the villains goosebumps in the Vatican, the Coliseum, and along the River Tiber. We need to salute the producers who have taken the risk to run the shoot in the heart of the city of the Pope.

Straight from Rome, “Spectre” will land us on the Alpine barn where Bond will pilot a full-size aeroplane and unfortunately will turn it into a mere flaming wreck only to career into the villain’s Land Rover.

In another extraordinary scene the audience will be amazed to see the incredible stunt where a Land Rover will be engulfed by a fireball. May be some of the movie goers can feel the pain of the villain. We certainly do .

“Spectre” will have its premiere in London on October 26, whereas the US audience  will see the movie on November 6.

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Photo Source: Facebook/James Bond

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