‘SPECTRE:’ Recapitulating Everything That Is Known Until Now

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘SPECTRE:’ Recapitulating Everything That Is Known Until Now

The wait is almost over, “SPECTRE” is about three weeks from release and the way fans are going crazy about the movie, one should know this one will be even bigger than the previous one. Lets recapitulate everything that we know just before the movie releases in theaters.


This is definitely the most dangerous mission Bond will go to. Synopsis of the movie is more than enough to give you an idea about what kind of trouble Bond will find himself in. With danger lurking everywhere and no one to trust, it is on Bond alone to track down this evil organization that has existed in the Bond universe since 1962.

Yahoo! Movies mentioned that the movie would be taking off exactly where “Skyfall” ended with Ralph Fiennes as the new M taking on his duties and trying to save MI6 from the people who think the agency is of no use anymore.

Bond on the other hand will go rogue and try to uncover the sinister organization bit by bit. As far as mysteries in the movie is concerned, Christoph Waltz’s character Franz Oberhauser has been successful in keeping fans divided about his actual identity. Despite Sam Mendes’ repeated mentioning that Franz is not Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the most lethal Bond villain there is, fans find it hard to believe this and continue to hope that he will eventually reveal his real name.

One thing this movie will do to prove itself as the most important movie in the Bond Universe is by revealing what really happened to Bond after his parents died. “Skyfall” touched on the issue and revealed that he was 12 when his parents died, but no one knows how did he really reach where he is today. All the Bond enthusiasts know that Hanz Oberhauser, his skiing instructor in a way became a foster father to him but where does Hanz’s son Franz fit in will be disclosed in “SPECTRE.”


Mirror on the other hand reported quite pleasant news. According to the media outlet, Daniel Craig has clarified his future in the Bond franchise. The “SPECTRE” actor stated that he will be back for one more movie after “SPECTRE” and will continue to star in it until he is physically fit. Following the comment, maybe the actor would like to join the league of Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore who are known to have played the role of Bond for the longest time.

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