‘Spider Man’ 2017 Will Replace Kirsten Dunst For Gay Peter Parker

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
‘Spider Man’ 2017 Will Replace Kirsten Dunst For Gay Peter Parker
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We all have seen five movies from the Spider Man franchise, now, Sony Entertainment is in plans to shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they try to come up with a gay Peter Parker. In the latest adaptation, the role of MJ or Mary Jane, which was played previously by Kirsten Dunst, will be replaced by a male star as has been told by Tom Holland.

According to yibada.com, there is no confirmation received to the reports whether the love interest of Spider Man will be Gwen or MJ, however, it is believed that the entertainment studio is planning to have the latter in the movie.

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Makers of the movie are of the belief that the love relation between Gwen and Peter has already been explored extensively in earlier movies.This time around, the movie makers are aware of the keen interest fans and viewers have shown in MJ and Peter’s relation.

On the other hand, Andrew Garfield made a statement recently that he wishes to have a pansexual relation for the upcoming movie of Spider Man. During the interview, the actor mentioned that he does not want to pay attention to the sexual preferences of Peter Parker.

According to christianpost.com, in some documents of Sony Entertainment that have been leaked recently it came to everyone’s notice that a heterosexual and Caucasian role is being thought of for the next Spider Man movie. Garfield went on to say that he was not aware about the obligations in the contract at the time when he signed for the franchise.

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However, he added that the movie will address to more complex audience. Garfield made a statement, back in 2013, when the earlier movie was released that Peter will explore his sexuality in the coming film. It is quite likely that MJ can be a male.

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