‘Spider-Man’ Candidate Tom Holland Shows Just How Athletic You Have to be

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Spider-Man’ Candidate Tom Holland Shows Just How Athletic You Have to be

“Spider-Man” is another hero that has been the center of attention in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” that will have Captain America and Iron Man pitted against each other just because they have difference of opinions.  The reason our web slinger is the current center of attention is because he had a major role to play in Civil War comic book story. For the same reason it is of paramount importance that an actor who can match the description of the much needed slinger be cast. Lot of young actors like Charlie Rowe, Asa Butterfield, Matthew Lintz, Tom Holland were among the frontrunners for the role and rest details are being kept under wraps. However with a new post by Tom Holland that just showed up on Instagram speaks a different story altogether.

According to Cinema Blend, the actor took to his Instagram account and posted a couple of videos doing some back flips in the backyard of his house. The first one shows him doing a front flip off his porch, the second one is more like a side flip again off his porch and the third one is a back flip before concluding his parkour action. The news comes after the actor’s name was included as one of the front runners for the coveted role. The superhero will reportedly be seen in the upcoming Civil War movie before getting his own standalone film. Both Marvel and Sony surely are taking their own sweet time to cast the perfect actor for this role. As compared to previous versions of the superhero, this version will be more inclined towards the comic book line and will be a much younger version (perhaps a high school going version).

In the comic book story, Spider-Man first decides to be on Iron Man’s side in the pro-registration team but later on switches to the anti-registration team by deciding to be on Captain America’s side. The movie will be releasing next year in May.

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Photo source: Facebook/Marvel Cinematic Universe

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