Spider Man Homecoming 2 Cast: Old and New Villains Revealed

By Bianca Tan | 5 months ago
Spider Man Homecoming 2 Cast: Old and New Villains Revealed
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Spider Man Homecoming 2 is slated for a release date next year. While not much information has been revealed about the movie, new reports suggest a new villain is joining the cast. An old baddie may also be returning to the web slinging sequel. 

Several reports have confirmed that Jake Gyllenhaal is inching closer to signing for the new Spider Man movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Nightcrawler actor will be playing the role of Spider Man villain, Mysterio. 

The actor was contending for the role of Spider Man back in the superhero’s first movies series under Sony. At that time Toby Maguire was playing hard to get during negotiations for Spider Man 2. Had Maguire decided not to push through with one of the highest-grossing superhero movies of all time, the 37-year-old actor would have stepped in. 

Who is Mysterio in Spider Man?

While he will not be donning the web slinging tights, Gyllenhaal will still have a major role in the upcoming film should he finally sign in. Mysterio is a purple cape-wearing villain with a fishbowl helmet. But don’t be fooled by his outlandish looks, he is one of the biggest super villains in the Marvel universe. He will be the main villain in Spider Man Homecoming 2.  

“With his talent for creating convincing illusions and creating gadgets that specifically counter Spider-Man’s abilities, Mysterio has been a constant thorn in the hero’s side since the early days of his superhero career,” IGN explains of the villain. 

“While several successors have briefly taken up the mantle of Mysterio, Quentin Beck will always hold the strongest claim to that title. Even death seems incapable of stopping him for long.”

Beck is a special effects expert who can design elaborate illusions that can even fool superheroes. Mysterio was introduced by Spider Man creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1964, in The Amazing Spider Man #13 comic book. 

Spider Man Cast: Old Villain Returns

Aside from Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, Michael Keaton may also be returning as Vulture — Spidey’s villain in the first Spider Man Homecoming movie. 

In can be remembered, that in the credits scene of the first movie, Keaton was seen in jail. However, as SlashFilm reports, producer Kevin Feige has said that the Spider Man Homecoming end credits scene is meant to be redemption for Vulture. Should this be true, Keaton may not be a villain in Spider Man 2 after all. 

Tom Holland will be reprising his role as Spider Man in the movie, together with Zendaya and Marisa Tomei. Jon Watts will again helm the movie as director. Spider Man Homecoming 2 release date is set for July 5, 2019. 

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