Spider-Man: Homecoming: Amy Pascal Reveals How Tom Holland Became The Next Spider-Man

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Spider-Man: Homecoming: Amy Pascal Reveals How Tom Holland Became The Next Spider-Man
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Spider-Man: Homecoming will be Tom Holland’s solo movie as the web slinger. After his dynamic debut in Captain America: Civil War, he has managed to keep audiences’ attention on him as he swings again this year.

Holland took on the role after two really talented actors played the role of Spider-Man in two different versions. While there are no doubts about his skill and talent as Spidey, the real reason for him getting chosen for the role was revealed recently by the movie’s producer.

As fans might know, a very specially designed deal between Marvel and Sony led to the hero entering MCU but there were more specific reasons as to why the actor was selected to don the costume. Here are those.


Screen Rant visited the set of the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, and had the opportunity to talk to the movie’s producer Amy Pascal. While she obviously could not point out who her favorite Spider-Man is, she was graceful enough to reveal why Holland was chosen.

According to her, all the three actors that have played the role are awesome and can act like crazy. But for this movie, they were looking for youth, which according to her, was important.

When details about Spider-Man entering MCU first leaked, there were rumors that the web slinger would be a lot younger. This also meant that Andrew Garfield, reprising his role as Spider-Man was out of the question.

There were also rumors about much younger actors being auditioned for the role and just around then, news was revealed about Holland being cast in it.

Looks similar to Peter Parker

Another reason that Pascal gave was that they wanted to get someone who would look a lot like Peter Parker. While some fans might not have been impressed by Holland’s first look as Spider-Man, his performance ended up impressing everyone.

As far as his looks are concerned, it did look very similar to the Peter appearing in the comic book series titled Ultimate Spider-Man. He was a high-school kid in that comic series, something that the makers were trying to aim for in the movies.

Pascal also revealed that they wanted to hire someone who would look like someone who is trying really hard and was not English. However looking at the actor’s skills, he managed to beat other contenders and bagged the role.

Tom Holland’s skills

Right after Holland was chosen for the role, he would regularly upload more and more videos that would focus on his skills as a gymnast. Doing flips and backflips all over the place, Holland assured everyone that the makers had made the right decision by choosing him.

Apart from that, he started beefing up for the part and got into better shape, which further enhanced his portrayal as the web slinger.

Frontrunner from the beginning

Despite the fact that the actor used his audition tape to show off his skills, Pascal mentioned that he was a frontrunner right from his first audition. According to her, when she and her associates saw him, they knew he had it in him.

She also stated that an intense training and preparation regime had to be followed by everyone, including the actor. The final output was simply magic.

New trailer

A new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer was released some time back and it clearly shows that Peter will be struggling between his life as a highschool student and as a superhero.

Despite the advice from his mentor Tony Stark, he will want to prove himself and not be treated like a kid. Things will get worse when the web slinger finds himself going up against the Vulture.

With Tony mentoring him to become a real good superhero, it remains to be seen if Peter gets to learn anything or not.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will release this year on July 7.


Photo source: YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment

YouTube/Sony Pictures Entertainment

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