Spider-Man: Homecoming – Michael Keaton Talks Vulture’s Relevance in Current Political Climate

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Spider-Man: Homecoming – Michael Keaton Talks Vulture’s Relevance in Current Political Climate
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Michael Keaton’s character Adrian Toomes a.k.a Vulture is everyman in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. In a new interview, the Academy Award-nominated actor talked about the motivation behind the villain and why his story needs to be told in the superhero movie.

Vulture Is The Villain Marvel Needs

The Marvel Cinematic Universe get a bad rep for their rather underwhelming villains. From James Spader’s Ultron to Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Ronan the Accuser, the studio’s movie baddies always fall under two categories: they are not given enough depth or they are killed off too early to develop into a bigger threat.

However, Keaton’s villainous new character is a cut above the rest. In an interview with Collider back when his upcoming movie is still filming in Atlanta, the 65-year-old discussed Adrian Toomes and how he turned into the Vulture.

While he was not allowed to talk about the armored villain touted as the darker Iron Man, Keaton readily discussed the man behind the mask. The former Batman described Spider-Man’s nemesis as a victim of an unfair system.

“He believes that there’s an upper echelon of society of people who are getting away with a lot and have everything,” Keaton explained. “And there’s a whole lot of folks who are working hard, and don’t have much.”

Adrian Toomes is not exactly evil. But he turned to a life of crime after years of working hard without reward. It is something that a lot of people will be able to relate to.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Adrian Toomes is a blue collar worker who runs a salvage company that makes money by cleaning up after major superhero battles. However, he turned evil when Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) created a new government organization and took the job from Adrian Toomes’ company. He and his allies the Shocker and the Tinkerer then turn into the life of crime by turning technology they salvaged into powerful weapons they sell to criminals.

Marvel’s Decision To Go With Vulture Instead Of Venom

This is the first time that Vulture will make his big screen live-action debut. Sony initially planned to introduce Adrian Toomes in Spider-Man 3 with Ben Kingsley in talks to play the role. However, the studio decided to go with Venom instead.

Using Vulture instead of better-known villains such as Venom, a villain that has already been introduced on movies, is an attempt to keep the franchise fresh regardless of the number of iterations of Peter Parker in the past 20 years alone. Screen Rant got to talk to movie producer, Amy Pascal, to ask whether some villains will be reused in the future.

The former head of Sony pointed out that they cannot keep bringing Green Goblin back to the big screen. Fans of Spider-Man know the studio’s fascination with the villain. Norman Osborn appeared in the Tobey Maguire trilogy and the reboot starring Andrew Garfield. As Pascal joked, she tried to use the Green Goblin in Spider-Man movies about “fifty” times.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will also introduce the Tinkerer (Phineas Mason) and the Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) to the movie-going audience. With almost 55 years-worth of comics, Spider-Man still has many adversaries who are yet to appear on the big screen.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Details

After his grand debut as the web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker, a teenager who is trying to balance life as a high school student and a superhero. Luckily, he has Tony Stark, billionaire-genius-superhero to stand as his mentor. But when a new threat called Vulture emerges, everything Peter holds dear will be threatened.

The movie also stars Marissa Tomei as Aunt May. Zendaya, Angourie Rice, Martin Starr and Hannibal Buress also appear.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will land on the big screen on Jul. 7.

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