Spider-Man: Homecoming – New Rumor Claims That Angourie Rice Is MCU’s Gwen Stacy

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Spider-Man: Homecoming – New Rumor Claims That Angourie Rice Is MCU’s Gwen Stacy
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It looks like Gwen Stacy will be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all. According to new information, Angourie Rice will play the role of Peter Parker’s first love in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Bringing Back a Beloved Character

While the movie is all set to be released in a few months, fans still do not know whom many of the young actors will play. However, new reports claim that one of the female actors will eventually become a major character in the franchise.

A fan-ran Twitter account with the handle Tom Holland Source (via Comic Book Movie) stated that Rice is the new Gwen Stacy. To recall, the role was first portrayed by Academy Award winner Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“ANGOURICE RICE CONFIRMED AS GWEN STACY TOO,” the account announced. The information comes from an event that Marvel hosted in Tokyo which, apparently, revealed some key information about their upcoming movies. The same Twitter page also leaked that the Daily Bugle will also be in the upcoming movie despite claims that it will not. The social media page, however, has since deleted the tweet.

Before landing a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Rice appeared in The Nice Guys alongside Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. She will next star in Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled with Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Kidman.

Rice’s role in the upcoming superhero movie remains under tight wraps, but eagle-eyed fans spotted the actress wearing a very familiar look in the first trailer. But previous rumors say that she will actually bring Betty Brant to life. Even IMDB claims that the 16-year-old will portray the less famous love interest of young Peter Parker.

If true, it is unlikely that the romance between Peter and Gwen will be re-ignited in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The trailers show that the web-slinger is enamored by Liz Allan (Laura Harrier). In fact, they were even spotted locking lips during their Homecoming dance!

Spider-Man: Homecoming will also star Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Bokeem Woodbine, Michael Chernus, and Michael Keaton.

The Future of Spider-Man in the MCU and Beyond

Meanwhile, movie producer Amy Pascal talked to Screen Rant about the future of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To recall, Spider-Man remains a property of Sony, but Marvel and Disney coaxed the studio to bring the webslinger into the MCU. Thus, three studios have a hand at making Peter Parker’s Homecoming.

Speaking about the future of Spider-Man on the big screen, Pascal told the site: ” I think we found the right formula and I think everybody is going to want the right thing to continue.” She also explained that when the goal is to make a good movie, all politics are set aside. “It’s when you start making the other stuff first that you start to get yourself in trouble,” she added.”

The three studios, however, did not have a problem when it comes to choosing who would play the role of Peter Parker. The decision to cast Tom Holland as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was unanimous. So far, all three studios are happy with the movie, she shared.

The ex-Sony boss also willingly talked about how different the culture at Marvel is compared to Sony. Pascal said that in meetings, the way the studio works is they always look for ways to improve the idea or a scene.

“That’s their favorite word at Marvel, ‘Are we blessing a scene?'”

Spider-Man: Homecoming will land on the big screen on July 7. The movie was directed by Jon Watts. In the meantime, watch its most recent trailer below.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Spider-Man

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