Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel Is Unlikely To Feature Green Goblin

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel Is Unlikely To Feature Green Goblin
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Spider-Man: Homecoming is already making noise on social media ahead of the movie’s release in the U.S. and has been receiving glowing reviews for early screenings. That is why, even before the studio has factored the upcoming movie’s box office performance, a sequel has already been confirmed and in the works. In a new interview, Marvel boss Kevin Feige talked about what they have planned for Peter Parker’s second solo movie for the MCU.

Still No Green Goblin

Peter Parker has finally come home to Marvel, but making the new Spider-Man movie presents a new problem. Tom Holland is the third actor to portray the role of the New York-based superhero in a live-action movie. Needless to say, the movie audience is pretty much tired of seeing the exact same story played out on the big screen.

That is why Marvel and Sony chose to introduce a younger Peter Parker and a comic book villain that has not been introduced on the big screen prior. And, it looks like, the studio will continue to look into the superhero’s 50-year history to find a villain other than the Green Goblin.

In an interview with Hey U Guys (via Comicbook.com) in time for the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Feige stated that there have not been any talks about casting the Green Goblin yet. What they have planned for the sequel is someone who has not been seen on the big screen before.

“What’s fun about this is it’s the first time Spider-Man is in the MCU. And the first time he’s played by an actor who is the age, essentially, Spidey was in the comics for so long,” he explained. “And, as Michael Keaton does with the Vulture, we get to explore villains we haven’t seen before.”

The Green Goblin is one of the most popular Spider-Man villains in the comics and on the big screen. Sony particularly loves the character who has appeared in both the Sam Raimi trilogy and the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Having a different villain this time around definitely keeps the story fresh despite the number of Spider-Man movies in the past decade alone.

Moreover, Marvel’s next two Spider-Man movies are expected to follow Peter Parker in his last two years in high school. Considering that the superhero will meet Harry Osborn, who eventually became the Green Goblin, much later in life, it makes sense to hold off the reintroduction of the popular villain until, at least, the third movie.

Spider-Man – Venom Crossover?

However, while a Green Goblin appearance is still off-the-table, it looks like Sony is looking into a possible crossover between Spider-Man and Venom. According to Amy Pascal, despite the fact that the two star in separate movies, it is possible that the two characters will eventually cross paths on the big screen.

“Venom is a character that is closely associated with Spidey and there may be some day where you see them together,” the movie producer told Fandom. “[Y]ou never know.”

There has been quite a bit of confusion regarding the Spider-Man and Venom movies. Pascal claimed in a previous interview that the solo Venom and Black Cat/Silver Sable movies were set in the same reality as the MCU. Later, Feige clarified that Spider-Man will not appear in the spin-offs.

The Venom movie will star Tom Hardy and will reportedly aim for an R-rating following the successes of Deadpool and Logan.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man: Homecoming remains PG-13. Directed by Jon Watts and also starring Robert Downey Jr., the movie will land on the big screen on July 7.

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