‘Spider-Man’ Movie Reboot: Chris Evans Congratulates Tom Holland; Plot Follows ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Comic

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Spider-Man’ Movie Reboot: Chris Evans Congratulates Tom Holland; Plot Follows ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Comic

Tom Holland was recently chosen to play one of the most coveted roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After a really long process Tom will officially be donning the webbed mask and become the next Spider-Man. “Captain America: Civil War” will be his debut as the web slinger and when none other than Captain America himself congratulates you, this type of good news becomes even bigger.

According to Cinema Blend, Captain America aka Chris Evans took to Twitter to personally congratulate the young actor on securing the role. Chris wrote that Tom deserves the role and they are really lucky to have him aboard. Charlie Rowe who was the other contender for the role was also quite sporting about the decision congratulated Tom on securing the role. During auditions, Tom had a screen test with Chris too for some scenes in order to see how would the chemistry be like between the senior Avenger and the young web slinger. Chris’s tweet about Tom’s casting seems to have attracted a bit of negative comments as well but that did not stop the actor from posting good about Tom.

Marvel recently made an announcement that Tom would officially be succeeding Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in his own stand alone movies that will release after “Captain America: Civil War” releases. Plot and story line of the new stand alone “Spider-Man” movies are not known yet but they will be revolving around Peter Parker’s high school version. Possibilities are there that the producers will decide to adapt the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic book story line that had significantly shown Peter as a high school student juggling his student life and being a superhero. “Spider-Man” is said to be a pivotal character in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” since he had first decided to part with Tony Stark and be on the pro-registration side but later allied with Captain America to the anti-registration side.

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Photo source: Facebook/Chris Evans

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