‘Spider-Man’ Movie Reboot: Director Sam Raimi Supports New Marvel Film; Says High School Plot Is ‘Unique’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘Spider-Man’ Movie Reboot: Director Sam Raimi Supports New Marvel Film; Says High School Plot Is ‘Unique’
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Amazing Spider-Man | Mateus Ward has reportedly auditioned for the role of the new Spider-Man. Is he the new Spider-Man?

Readers must have remembered Spider-Man from 2002, the clueless guy from high school, who suddenly acquires superpowers when a spider bites him. That franchise was developed by the director Sam Raimi. And now that the Spider-Man is going to spawn another movie franchise, everybody wants to know what the guy who originally brought Spider-Man into the movie zone, aka Sam Raimi, is thinking right now.

It’s still a little annoying that the only comic book characters who get noticed by the movie industry are Spider-Man, Wolverine and Iron Man, who have so far spawned at least a dozen movies. They are so popular with the film making crowd that Spider-Man is getting his second reboot, and Wolverine and Iron Man are going to get their first reboot. It looks like the producers can’t look beyond the hackneyed as far as picking up new characters is concerned.

Sam Raimi said that the second reboot was entertaining. “They’re great. And I’m really glad that Marvel’s taking it to high school,” he declared at a recent comic-con. He also believes that the new movie series is going to be refreshing. He is confident of the reboot and thinks that they are going to be just like his favorite of the Spider-Man comic-books. He told the press that the writers and producers doing the third reboot really know their stuff. “The difficulty of going through high school is so unique to a superhero. It’s unique and that’s what Spider-Man’s all about, so that they’re gonna explore that head on is very exciting,” he told ScreenCrush.

Raimi has decided to go back to horror and is currently producing the Ash vs. Evil Dead series, which will bring Bruce Campbell back to reprise the iconic role of Ash. The director of the second Spider Man series, Marc Webb has also gone back to television and is busy in producing the new Limitless series.

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Photo source: Spiderman/ Facebook

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