Spider Man In A Re-Engineered Suit Done By Iron Man In Reboot

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Spider Man In A Re-Engineered Suit Done By Iron Man In Reboot
Spider Man

It is speculated that the Spider Man 2017 will be wearing a new suit redesigned by none other than Tony Stark in the Marvel Movie. The Spider Man sequel is still underway but the sources have revealed the information about re-engineering of the spider man suit. Read on to find out more about the scoop.

The Spider Man sequel is scheduled to release in 2017 right after “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” by Marvel Cinematic Universe. The “Billy Elliot the Musical” star, Tom Holland will be starring the role of a teenage spidey and will get an advanced suit by Iron Man himself. He will be introduced to super hero gang with “Captain America: Civil War” which will hit theater next May. He might get a small introduction as a cameo or during the mid-credit scene as stated by Christian Post.

According to the story line, Captain America will turn down Peter Parker of being inexperienced when tried to gain the Avenger membership. Parker will be chasing villain and sporting his special upgraded suit in his 2017 solo upcoming flick. If the rumors turn out to be true, Tony Stark will be presenting the redesigned suit to Parker in one of the events during “Civil War”.

According to Realty Today, along with the new suit, Parker is also going to get a pair of mechanical web shooter from Iron Man as he is the one responsible for super hero suit and weapon advancement among the Avengers.


The Marvel Studio “Spider Man” reboot is in the charge of director Jon Watts, who has earlier directed films like “Clown” and “Cop Car”.

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