‘Spider-Man’ Solo Movie: Tom Holland Gets His Flips Right While Training For The Role

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Spider-Man’ Solo Movie: Tom Holland Gets His Flips Right While Training For The Role

Now that he will be making an appearance as a young web crawler in “Captain America: Civil War,” Tom Holland also has to think about reprising the role in his very own Untitled “Spider-Man” solo movie. There is a lot that an actor has to go through and one of those things is to be in the best of shape. Looking at the way Tom has been training for his role, staying in shape wouldn’t be that much of a problem for Tom.


According to Cinema Blend, Tom Holland has specifically been practicing on his moves and in order to get them right he hasn’t skipped any of his workouts. A video on the actor’s Instagram account shows just what has he been up to since being cast as Spider-Man and what preparations is he doing for the role. In the video one can see highly agile Tom Holland doing flips and somersaults rigorously on a set of mattress.

In the training center that appears to have been setup, especially for the actor sees one other trainee doing the same, but it’s the intensity of Tom that has managed to capture everyone’s attention. This isn’t the first time Tom has shown his athletic abilities. A few months back when rumors were strong about him being cast in the role of Spider-Man, Tom was doing back flips, side flips and front flips in the corridor of his house. Only this time the difference is he is under someone’s supervision.

With the way Tom is doing his stunts and showing just how agile he is, the actor probably will need only minimum amount of assistance when it comes to stunts and special effects only when the scene is beyond human capacity. Details about his costume too suggest that Marvel is planning to go old school and will be taking inspiration from the older version of the web slinger who used to have webpits under his arms.


Perez Hilton suggested that given the cool moves Tom has, he just might be the perfect choice to play the role of Spider-Man. This in fact would be the third actor to play the role of Spider-Man. Before Tom, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have played the character. Only difference is that Spider-Man on screen just got younger with every movie.

Untitled “Spider-Man” movie has been scheduled to release in 2017.

Photo source: Facebook/Heroic Hollywood

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