Spielberg To Direct ‘Biblical’ Themed Movie

By admin | 7 years ago

It’s Rumored Spielberg May Direct Biblical Movie

It is rumored that Steven Spielberg may direct a Biblical epic remake of the movie “Gods & Kings.” If he does accept the director’s role in this story of the biblical Moses, it is sure to be a better version than the previous movies.

Spielberg is known for creating high caliber films, and he is capable of producing a truly wonderful movie from one of the great stories from the Bible, but it is still uncertain whether he will accept the task.

This will be a movie you will not want to miss given Spielberg’s talent and propensity to making quality movies.

If Spielberg directs this movie, it could be out as early as 2013.

With all of his other productions, it is hoped that he will have time to accomplish one more movie. Anticipation for Spielberg to direct this movie should be high, as it shows great potential.

Spielberg To Direct 'Biblical' Themed Movie
Spielberg To Direct 'Biblical' Themed Movie

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