‘Splatoon’ Boasts Two Brand-New Maps On The Nintendo Wii U

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Splatoon’ Boasts Two Brand-New Maps On The Nintendo Wii U

A recent video released by Nintendo shows off two brand new maps for the quirky third-person shooter “Splatoon.”

The video, as IGN reports, is titled “New Stage Squid Dance” and serves a double purpose: first is to act as a fun promotional music video and second is to give us an idea of what we should expect from the new stages. “Splatoon” has been making waves in the shooter scene since its worldwide release way back May 2015, introducing characters called “inklings”: creatures that can transform at will from human into squid-like forms. One of Splatoon’s core game play elements is to utilize gun or brush-based weaponry, while inklings hide or swim on surfaces sprayed with colored ink. Needless to say, the game has a very competitive nature, as is usual with most shooters. While it has a single-player campaign, I also supports up to 4-on4 online multiplayer sessions.

They also reported that the two brand new maps for the game will be called “Piranha Pit” and “Ancho-V Games;” two levels that should add to the game’s longevity and impressive replay value. We can also see in the video that one of the maps has a sort of outdoor, industrial feel (complete with spinning saws and automated ramps!) while the other is set indoors in a place not unlike an abandoned building.

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My Nintendo News’ reports were even more specific, stating that the scattered, inkable conveyor belts were part of “Piranha Pit” while the propeller-controlled platforms belong to “Ancho-V games.” They added that more details regarding the new maps will likely be disclosed as the maps reach closer to their release date.

The two new maps are expected to add spice to the “Splatoon,” giving gamers all the more reason to pick up a Wii U bundle featuring the game together with “Smash Bros.”

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Photo Source: Twitter | Splatoon

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