SPOILER ALERT! ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Will Show Major Changes From The Past Seasons

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
SPOILER ALERT! ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Will Show Major Changes From The Past Seasons

“Grey’s Anatomy” returns this Sept. 24 for the brand new season. With this premiere, what can its avid viewers expect about the latest offering from the show?

“The carousel never stops turning” as the popular quotation from the drama series goes. The last season ended on the heartbreaking news about the death of a main character. As we say farewell to our beloved Derek Shepherd, how can the rest of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital surgeon steps forward to the new chapter of their lives? Can Meredith Grey see herself falling in love once again or will his death completely shut her heart in finding another soulmate?

According to IBTimes, there will be a new character to be portrayed by the hunk and gorgeous actor Martin Henderson. His last appearance for a TV program happened in “Secrets & Lies” which he took on the role of Ben. Henderson will fill in the new surgeon for the hit TV series. This program is the brainchild of Shonda Rhimes. The same article mentioned the whole cast will enter into a phase wherein there is the ‘uncharted territory’ after Derek passed away.


HollywoodReporter revealed things that viewers will see for the next season. Rhimes mentioned that Season 12 will be much lighter compared to the previous one. With all the depressing moments last season, it will truly be nice to have more laughter and smiles for the forthcoming episodes. She wants to see again the fun in “Grey’s Anatomy”. She elaborated: “”It was a nice feeling to be so light again but in a way that didn’t feel like we were trying so hard; it felt natural.” Rhimes hinted that Meredith would showcase that funny side of herself as a comic relief of becoming a widow.

It’s rare for a TV series to stay on air for this long. Definitely, “Grey’s Anatomy” will give more surprising twists and turns in the story.

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