Spoiler: ‘Quantico’ Spins Hardest Plot On Television; Episode ‘Kill’ Has Some Answers

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Spoiler: ‘Quantico’ Spins Hardest Plot On Television; Episode ‘Kill’ Has Some Answers

After the latest episodes of the FBI series from ABC, critics and fans have already predicted that the intrigue of “Quantico” will go on unfolding most complex turns and twists and creator Joshua Safran has recently uttered the same predicament for the show. In a recent interview, Safran expressed that working on the plot of the celebrated series was one of the hardest jobs he has done.

The Priyanka Chopra starrer is woven with too many threads and the creators take immense care to make the spinning tight and that resulted to an insanely dense show. Every single episode justifies its entity, whereas it consists a course of mystery to attract viewers. By employing rapid plotting, “Quantico” has made a distinctive mark among the throngs of whodunit in the international television platform.


Well, you may consider it overstuffed sometimes, as even after the episode “Kill” there is no clear indication about the forthcoming journey rather you may witness overlapping, time-jumping, and shocking reveals but even the most skeptical viewer will endure an interest about the Nimah and Raina story by the end of “Kill.” The effective execution of flashback-flash-forward structure has made the show a visual treat and a cerebral exercise for the readers. In this week’s episode of “Quantico“, the recruits go undercover for the first time and, as this sneak peek makes clear, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) take the incognito opportunity to do some first-class flirting—and then some, with code names and all.


Although “Kill” gets criticized for being packed of functional but awkward dialogue, that provides information the audience needs at appropriate intervals but does nothing to illuminate the characters. However, the good news is “Quantico” was the second new fall series to land a full-season order. One of the fall’s hottest new shows, the drama is averaging about 6.4 million viewers overall in same-day ratings and about 10 million in delayed viewing.

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