Sports Illustrated Ranks The Most Hated NBA Teams

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Sports Illustrated Ranks The Most Hated NBA Teams
Kobe Bryant

Trust, Sports Illustrated has come up with an NBA list that will blow you away! This time, they have ranked teams according to their potential of generating hate mail. Writer Ian Levy ranks teams based on how much schadenfreude the fans feel when the teams lose games. Needless to say, the “holier than thou” Los Angeles Lakers topped the list. Apparently, Kobe Bryant acts saintly so often, people just want him to lose it and kick the other team when the Lakers lose.

Sports Illustrated listed out the most hated teams playing for NBA in reverse chronological order recently. The team that failed to even ruffle the fans’ feathers were given the “meh” rating. The Utah Jazz, Toronto Raptors, Minnesota Timberwolves are the sort of teams no one cares about. They don’t have anybody hating on them, but they also don’t have a solid fanbase. They have the least amount of schadenfreude associated with them, because they are extremely poor achievers. So nobody cares enough to hoot them.

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The next level of hatred is generated by teams like Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic. The Pacers may have this physical defensive style that may make some teams raise heckles, but all in all they are the “sad sacks” who basically trying really hard to be different.

Orlando Magic trip over their own shortcomings and despite having much potential, failed to make an impact. The other teams listed were Portland Trailblazers, Denver Nuggets, and Detroit Pistons.

The writer hated some teams so much that he put them under the heading, “Let Karma do its dirty business.” But the icing on the cake were the teams everybody loves to hate. These included the big ones like New York Knicks with their hubris, and Los Angeles Clippers with their righteous indignation, and of course, Los Angeles Lakers who the writer said had gone down to live in the NBA cellar and haven’t even noticed it. He pegs it on the Head Coach and Kobe Bryant being too involved with themselves, which he labels “working as if they are involved in shattering self awareness.”

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All in all, the piece was as enlightening as it was entertaining. Good job, Ian Levy!

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