Spotted: ‘Gossip Girl’s’ Ed Westwick Shooting New TV Show ‘L.A. Crime’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Spotted: ‘Gossip Girl’s’ Ed Westwick Shooting New TV Show ‘L.A. Crime’
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Gossip Girl | ed westwick from the facebook page of gossip girls

From 2007 to 2012, Ed Westwick was TV’s favorite bad boy, Chuck Bass, on The CW drama series “Gossip Girl.” Three years after the show ended, he returns to American television, and this time he’s playing the role of a serial killer in the ABC pilot “L.A. Crime.” Read on for more details.

The Mail Online reports that Westwick has already started filming his scenes for the upcoming drama thriller “L. A. Crime.” Adorning a stylish suit, the actor was spotted on the set of his Los Angeles show with his co-star Erika Christensen. The pair will play a “Bonnie & Clyde-esque serial-killing team” as described by Deadline during the casting announcements.

Westwick will assume the role of Kent. His targets are women who arrive to Los Angeles aspiring to be famous, while Christensen will play his crime partner Betty, a mother and a nurse, who blindly follows Kent’s lead. The TV show is set in the 80s at the Sunset Strip.

The two leads will be joined by Taissa Farmiga, Adam Rothenberg and Greg Luna, Karolina Wydra, and Darrell Brit-Gibson. Steven Baigelman wrote the pilot episode.

Should ABC decide to pick up “L.A. Crime’s” for the upcoming season, Westwick will be the second actor from “Gossip Girl” who will be making their bid for TV stardom again. His former co-star Chace Crawford is actually also doing the pilot of “Boom,” another drama series in ABC’s upcoming line-up.

After doing the teen show, Westwick dabbled in movies and starred with Leonardo DiCaprio in the biopic “J. Edgar” directed by Clint Eastwood. He also starred in the re-adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” playing Juliet’s cousin Tybalt. He worked with young stars AnnaSophia Robb and Dianna Argon in “A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island.”

When he’s not doing movies or TV, the actor plays music with his band “The Filthy Youth.”

Back when Westwick was still on “Gossip Girl,” the actor was a perennial favorite at the Teen’s Choice Awards for Best TV Villain. Now in his 30’s, it remains to be seen whether he can channel this same bad boy persona, but in this more mature venture.

So, “Gossip Girl” fans, are you excited to see Ed Westwick back on TV?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Gossip Girl

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