SPOTTED TOGETHER! 5SOS Luke Hemmings Has A New Girlfriend? Who Is She?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
SPOTTED TOGETHER! 5SOS Luke Hemmings Has A New Girlfriend? Who Is She?

Love or career? But on the second thought, it could be love AND career. This seems to be the case for 5SOS Luke Hemmings. Oh yes, why choose when you can have both right? Read on for more details.

According to Daily Mail, the lead vocalist of the band apparently had a great time enjoying his Friday night up to the first few hours of Saturday morning. The reason? He was spotted with an unidentified girl as they were both leaving the Nice Guy Lounge located in West Hollywood. Guess what! They were holding each other’s hand when paparazzi seen them. That sweet gesture is easy to notice especially when a big star is part of the scene.

Aware of the attention they’re getting during that moment, the mysterious lady attempted to cover her face from everyone’s spy-like eyes. She grabbed the arm of Hemmings and leaned on towards him. Then she uses too her long, dark, beautiful hair to conceal more of her facial features from the public. Unreality TV described the girl attired in a black midriff crop top and a denim jeans in light grey color. She was also wearing a pair of ankle boots and leather jacket to complement her over-all outfit.


Hemmings remained calm while they both hurriedly walked away from the place, crossed the road, and went in a car. Doing the work of what can be expected from a gentleman, he held the girl’s hand in the middle of this few seconds of buzzing attention of different people who instantly recognized him.

But who is this lucky girl? Inquisitr mentioned that a lot believe the identity of this woman is one of the avid followers of 5 Seconds Of Summer by the name of Arzaylea. She was seen to be with the Australian band for quite some time.

Is Luke Hemmings finally in a relationship? What is the real score between him and this girl? We hope this brings him true happiness as he is already successful in his career.

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Photo Source: Luke Hemmings/Facebook

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