Spring Breakers Premieres at Toronto Film Festival

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Spring Breakers Premieres at Toronto Film FestivalSpring Breakers features a different Selena Gomez. This movie is definitely not for kids. Aside from Selena Gomez, it also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and James Franco. It premiered last Friday night at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Gomez and Hudgens have deleted their clean images with Spring Breakers, which is unlike their past Disney movies. The movie is about Faith (Selena Gomez) and her friends who are set to have the best spring break ever.

Spring Breakers has a lot of booty and boob shaking. It also has pot smoking, coke snorting, nudity and other college-age hedonistic activities. The four girls are in bikinis most of the time, even when they have landed in jail.

They are bailed out of jail by James Franco as a gangster with a $ sign tattooed on his neck and corn-rowed braids. Things turn more violent after this. You’ll also see a different James Franco in Spring Breakers. He raps and even sings a Britney Spears song. Speaking of music, Spring Breakers features a bass-heavy soundtrack with songs from Nicki Minaj and Skrillex.

Gomez is drunk and smokes pot in Spring Breakers. But she is still tamed compared to Hudgens who gets into three-ways, smokes pot, does coke, and had sex with both women and men. She said that it is nice to push and transform oneself.

Gomez said in an interview that kids should not watch Spring Breaker. She said that she is grateful for her Disney roots but she wants to do other things. She added that it’s hard to find something that shows the truth in its raw form.

Spring Breakers is filmed in St. Petersberg, Florida. Harmony Korine said that he got the idea for the movie for years. He collected thousands of photos of guys and girls on spring break and had the idea of girls in ski masks and guns robbing tourists.

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