Spurrier Wants to Pay His Players

By admin | 6 years ago

Steve Spurrier the outspoken coach of the University of South Carolina football team said he is planning to pay his players. Spurrier first suggested the idea at the spring meetings last year of the Southeastern Conference. His fellow coaches and administrators from the league listened to him, but his idea made little headway or progress.

This week he once again brought up his stipend idea and on Wednesday said that coaches had unanimously voted 14-0 to present his proposal to athletic directors in the conference. The ADs have said it will be discussed and they will then decide whether to present it to their school chancellors and presidents for a Friday official vote.

Spurrier said the idea is to get players extra cash for academic expenses, living expenses and game related costs due to the huge amount of money the players generate for the schools. Spurrier said the money reaches into the billions. In 2011, his plan seemed very farfetched but the board of directors of the NCAA started to discuss a proposal that would give $2,000 to scholarship athletes toward attendance money that would help cover expenses that extend beyond tuition, books, fees and room and board.

The stipend has been delayed while the NCAA seeks feedback after the issue received concern and criticism. Spurrier along with others believe that $2,000 is not enough for the players. Spurrier and fellow SEC colleagues want to give men’s football and basketball players between $3,500 and $4,000 for the year to cover their expenses.

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