SS501 Kim Hyun-Joong Lawyer Slams Ms. Choi’s Attorney; Legal Battle On the Verge of Spillover

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
SS501 Kim Hyun-Joong Lawyer Slams Ms. Choi’s Attorney; Legal Battle On the Verge of Spillover
Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer slams Ms. Choi’s attorney.

Kim Hyun-Joong’s legal representative slammed Ms. Choi’s lawyer due to mishandled issues in a phone call recently. Will this legal battle have its ending before a spillover occurs? Read on for more details.

Kim Hyun-Joong’s lawyer Lee Jae Man was disappointed at how Ms. Choi’s defense attorney Sun Jong Moon handled the relationship issues involving their clients.

“If you denounce the other party’s legal representative, then you will receive disciplinary action from the lawyers’ association. That Lawyer Sun criticized the opposing party’s lawyer through press in an unprecedented act,” Lee told ‘Xports News’ through a phone call via a report by allkpop.

Lee also pointed out Miss Choi’s party was straying from the main problem and the way they were dealing the situation could be called “risk management.” He also said Choi and Sun are manipulating the media in order to dissimulate the real story.

Choi’s party previously sued Lee for libel, saying Kim and Lee were trying to swing the public’s feelings through portraying Choi as a gold digger and an extortionist. Sun claimed Lee was doing this through media interviews and press releases.

However, Choi cancelled their lawsuit against the other side since the fight was already getting unnecessary. Her camp released a statement saying they would no longer participate on them and focus on the legal battle between Kim and Choi, allkpop reported.

But this does not mean Choi’s camp would stay silent. They said they will respond to statements that are far from the truth, malicious, or speculated coming from Kim’s party in order to provide clarity.

Choi’s legal team also requested Kim and Lee to discontinue doing unnecessary press releases or interviews about the issue while the court decides on it.

Here’s to hoping that both sides will finally reach to an agreement.

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Photo source: Facebook/Kim Hyun Joong

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