Stalker Season 1 Finale Recap: Fun and Games

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Finale Recap: Fun and Games
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What did Ray do to Amanda? And what’s going to happen now that he and Perry have their plan set in motion? In the season finale of “Stalker” Season 1 Episode 17 “Fun and Games,” what happens to Beth and the people around her now? Read on to learn more about it.

The good news is that Amanda is fine. The problem was she couldn’t remember anything regarding her attacker. That’s when Beth told Amanda her side of the story and what happened between her and Ray. It turns out that they dated before, but Beth didn’t like him. Ray was persistent and he even dated her sister just to get to Beth. Beth’s parents actually didn’t mind that and even saw Ray as a hero when their house got burnt and it was Ray who saved them (and the person who also set it on fire). In reality, Ray didn’t burn their house down to save them and be called a hero but he actually did that to kill them.

Meanwhile, Perry’s family sent a detective after him and the detective got to Perry. Perry was almost about to come clean when they got interrupted by Ray who killed the detective and knocked out Perry. Ray slid him at the back of his car and went to get Tracy.

Ray sent flowers to Beth. Rhis was how Beth’s team tracked down where Ray and Perry were staying. However, when they got there they were too late already and only saw the dead detective there. Beth was taken off the case and was ordered to stay at home, guarded while an FBI specialist named Vicky Gregg replaced Beth.

Beth told Vicky about the possible place that Ray would take his victims. The team headed to the junkyard where Ray and Beth walked through during their first date. Perry woke up and found Tracy beside him. He freed her and helped her escape. It was until Ray saw them and shot Perry while he didn’t even waste a bullet for Tracy and left.

It turns out that Ray saw all that coming and he did that to distract the cops and get to Beth. When he got to Beth’s house it was Ben who answered the door. Ray shot him and took Beth and then they hit the road. When Beth woke up in the trunk of Ray’s car, she was beside Perry’s dead body.

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