Stalker Season 1 Recap: A Cry for Help

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: A Cry for Help
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Previously on “Stalker” Season 1 Episode 10 “A Cry for Help,” a bus driver is being stalked, and he thought that one of his regular passengers was the one behind it. After one night at the bus parking lot where he heard a noise and saw a woman who ran away when a security guard saw him, he finally made the decision to report to the police regarding the stalking incident that he has been experiencing for quite a long time now.

Meanwhile, Tracy came to Beth to talk, and Beth told her what kind of a person Brody is. Tracy shouldn’t trust him because he’s using her to get to her. She tried to console her friend because Tracy was upset because she’s been having so much fun dating Perry that she never thought that Perry has a hidden agenda. Beth also showed Tracy the photos that she got from Perry’s.

Back at the TAU, the bus rider, Henry White, was there. He was describing his attacker, and he informed them that the woman has been stalking him for months now. They thought it’s Nora, whom he had sex with, but he never liked the sex because Nora likes it rough. He’s not that kind of guy. Ben got Nora’s address, and he and Janice headed out to question her.

When they got to her, she had an alibi. She even said that she hasn’t been back on the bus. Henry had another attack when someone came to him while he was brushing his teeth and hit him. His attacker nailed his hands to the headboard with the use of a nail gun.

When they got to Henry’s place after the attack, Jack noticed that the attacker nailed the door shut, and she used the windows to get in and out. Henry was in the hospital, and he said that it wasn’t Nora. He saw his attacker’s face. They also found out that Henry was not married, and women seemed to like him. Ben got to the woman, Danielle, who apparently was having her hair colored. They also saw the footage of the stalking incident that happened on the bus parking lot and said that the woman wasn’t at all cautious to be seen by Henry. It’s as if she really wants Henry to see her and know her. Danielle also attacked the hairdresser who colored her hair.

Jack told Beth about this, and she said that she might be serial. Meanwhile, Perry visited Tracy at work and told her that he misses her and wanted to hang out that night, but Tracy said that she’s been busy and can’t see him that night.

When they interviewed the hairdresser, she told them that the attacker ripped off her clothes and strapped her to the chair and threw chemicals in her eyes. She told them that she cut her hair off. When asked about Henry, she didn’t answer, but they know that something was off. She might know Henry, but her husband told her that it’s enough and his wife will not answer anymore questions.

It turned out that the woman behind the stalking incident was a rape victim — raped when she was in high school — and Henry was an accessory to the crime. They got to Sophia and Meg, Cory’s highschool friends, and they found out that Sophia’s husband, Scott, was the one who raped Meg while Henry held Cory down. And that’s why she nailed Henry to make him feel what he did to her, and she was about to drown Scott when Beth got to her, chased her down and brought her to the station.

They also have proven that Scott was guilty, and this made Cory somehow happy because she finally got the justice that she’s been longing.

Beth was on her way to Tracy when Perry walked up to her. She asked him why he was following her, and Perry said that she knows why because he’s a psycho. Beth told him to get help, but Perry changed the topic by asking about Tracy. She said that he’s never going to see Tracy ever again. Perry told her that Tracy and him are very much alike, but Beth told him to leave her alone. Perry asked her if she’s going to hit him again and even asked her if he reminds her of Ray and even called her Michelle.

When Perry walked away, Beth started to cry, and Janice saw her. That’s when Beth finally asked for Janice’s help, and they went inside the office to talk about it.

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