Stalker Season 1 Recap: What Happened to Baby James

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: What Happened to Baby James
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Stalker” Season 1 Episode 2 “What Happened to Baby James” went deeper on what Jack has been hiding, while we saw Beth and Jack solve another stalking case. However, this time around, it involved an innocent child. Read on for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a teenager named Hanna who was talking to her friend over the phone telling her that she thinks she has a stalker. Then she felt that someone’s in the house. She went downstairs and found the front door open, and then she closed it and realized that someone’s in the house, so she quickly grabbed Thomas, her brother, and ran outside until they ran into someone.

Beth Davis went on a morning coffee with a friend who told her that she should start dating, but judging from Beth’s reaction, she was really not interested in dating anyone. Then she got a call from work and left. When she got to the office, Jack Larsen was already there with coffee for Beth, but Beth told him not to do that again. She gave him some old cases to study until she got a call regarding Hannah’s case, and they all went to Hanna’s house to investigate.

When they got to the Hanna’s house, Hanna told Beth that she felt like someone has been following her for weeks now, and Beth told her to list down the places and the times where she thinks she was being followed. While this was happening, Jack was stalking to Thomas at the back of the house, and he found a blanket and some food wrappers in the tree house.

They found out that a sex offender lives a couple of houses away from Hanna’s named Barnes, so they quickly went to his place and they saw a lot of pictures of Hanna. Barnes defended himself and said that he’s on medications, and he has been able to control himself. Back at the office, Amanda Taylor arrived, and Beth introduced her to Jack. She was the woman that Jack was watching before she came to LA, and Jack tried to talk to her. However, Amanda was annoyed. Meanwhile, Eric came to Beth’s office and told her that he needs help. He knew it, so Beth gave him the number of a therapist.

They realized that it wasn’t Barnes who was watching and going inside Hanna’s house because the photos weren’t taken from the tree house, and they also developed a theory that the stalker might not be stalking Hanna but Thomas. When this realization dawned on them, they quickly called Hanna’s house and told Hanna’s mom to check on Thomas, and they found out that Thomas wasn’t there anymore. They found a squirt gun, and Hanna’s mom asked Hanna where that came from and even found condoms in Hanna’s room. She finally admitted that she’s been having sex with a guy named Victor who was the one who gave Thomas the water gun. Victor was taken in for questioning, and he said that he’s been seeing a silver or gray car in front of Hanna’s house for a while now. When Beth and Jack checked Barnes’ photos, they saw the car that Victor was referring to, and they were able to get the plate number of the car.

It turned out their neighbor, Rosemary, who was under the delusion that Thomas is her son, owns the car. Her son drowned and died who was the same age as Thomas. They found out that Rosemary’s real name is Judith, and she is divorced. Derrick, Judith’s ex-husband, was taken in for questioning, and he gave them the address of the old house that he and Judith shared before when their son was still alive.

They went to Judith’s house, and there, they found Thomas. Judith was about to kill Thomas, but Beth was able to talk her out of it, and they were able to capture her. Jack tried to talk again to Amanda because he really wanted to know his son, but Amanda told him that if he doesn’t stop, she’d tell his boss his secret that might just be the end of his career.

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