Stalker Season 1 Recap: Lost and Found

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: Lost and Found
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This week on “Stalker” Season 1, Episode 15 “Lost and Found” we were taken through the world of high school with a touch of crazy as it got mixed up with some teacher and mother issues. And Ray and Perry has a new plan to get to Beth. Read below for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a high school coach being attacked by someone who’s been sending him threats via text messages. He was taking a shower when the text messages came but when he got out and checked his phone. He didn’t find it where he left it so he went to look for it and found it under the bleachers. When he got to his phone he read the text message that says “I hate you and I hope you die.” Then, suddenly the bleachers started to close up almost crushing him but luckily he was able to get out of it.

Meanwhile, at the TAU, Jack and Janice got news that Coach Baker has a case that is most probably a stalking incident. Jack also got some news for Beth regarding Perry and Ray. He told her that Perry’s dad gave them credit card and bank numbers to help track Perry and wants to help them get to Perry.

The scene then changed to Ray and Perry and the two were in a hotel room. Ray woke up with Perry staring at him and asked him why he was staying. Perry said that he got him a burner phone and some clothes as well as breakfast for the two of them. Ray asked why he is doing this. Perry said that he’s also there for Michelle and he also wants a friend. He convinced Ray that if he wants to get to Michelle, he has to learn to trust him.

Back at the TAU, Coach Baker said that the stalker is Jenny Klein. He was her student who also wrote her a note just a few weeks back. He said that he destroyed it because the note read as if they have already done something. He doesn’t want to get into trouble especially that he hasn’t done anything with Jenny. He didn’t report it because people might actually think that he’s making it up and they might actually think that he’s in a relationship with one of his students.

They talked to Jenny next and she said that there was an online about which teacher you’d have sex with and she said Coach Baker. She revealed to them that it’s a gossip website and she denied having anything with the coach. They also got to talk to Jenny’s mom and they found out that Jenny is adopted. She found out about this when her father died from leukemia and she tried to save him by donating her bone marrow but it wasn’t a match and that’s when she found out that she’s adopted. Her mom also talked about Jenny’s boyfriend, Emmet Beaudry, the hottest guy in school and Jenny is madly in love with him. It means that there’s no reason that she involved in another romantic relationship especially with a teacher.

Jenny went out with her friend to a party and they caught Tripp recording them on video. He called Jenny a dirty girl and this made Jenny’s friend mad. Jenny asked where Emmet was and she found him having sex with a girl named Dee. Emmet ran after him but then he lost Jenny. It got dark then his phone beeped with a text message saying “I’m sorry.” And then he got hit and he fell down a hill.

People at school thinks Jenny did that to Emmet and everybody hates her. Alexis, Jenny’s friend tried to defend Jenny to everyone while Jenny kept on telling everyone that she didn’t do anything.

Meanwhile, Jack found out that Perry just took $5,000 from his bank account. He said that he will check the hotels in that are. Ben did a research on Jenny online and found a person with an online shrine to Jenny. They went to Ian Hemingway. He is the person behind the online shrine to Jenny. He told them that he does like Jenny but he wouldn’t do anything to hurt the people around her especially Jenny. Alexis then told them that someone posted something online saying that Jenny is pregnant with Coach Baker’s child. Jenny is so upset that she even asked her mom to move to a new place, but her mom couldn’t afford to quit her job at the moment.

A videotape was then released with Coach Baker having sex with a woman who has her back turned to the camera that looks exactly like Jenny. Everyone saw it and everyone now labels Jenny as a slut. Coach Baker said that the woman was a woman he met at a bar. Later then, they found out that it was Dee who leaked the video. Dee then told them that it was her who leaked the video, but it was Tripp who actually posted it online. She hates Jenny because she told her she liked Emmet, but Jenny still went for him.

Things went badly for Jenny that even Coach Baker blamed her for ruining his life because he got fired. They found the woman whom Coach Baker slept with in the video. It means that there’s nothing going on between Jenny and Coach Baker and the person behind this wants to get rid of Jenny.

They investigated more thoroughly by checking out the abandoned house where the party happened. They saw a hidden door and found out that someone’s living in there. They found a basketball jersey that belongs to Ian and they interrogated him again and he said that he’s been sleeping with Alexis. They found out that it was Alexis who was actually living there and she was the one who’s been doing this to Jenny to get rid of her. It was because she is the biological daughter of Jenny’s mom. Jenny’s mom got rid of her way back, but Jenny’s mom tried to explain. Things got out of hand when Jenny, Alexis and Jenny’s mom were all in the same room but the good thing the Beth and Jack were there to save the day and placed Alexis in a psychiatric facility.

As for Perry and Ray, they have cooked up a new plan to get to Beth. They’re going to target Beth’s officemates whom she have grown close to weaken her and make her need someone and it would be them. Thanks to Ray’s quick trip outside he was able to get some new information on Beth.

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