Stalker Season 1 Recap: Love Is a Battlefield

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: Love Is a Battlefield
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In the latest episode of “Stalker,” Episode 6 “Love Is a Battlefield,” we were taken to the world of the wife, the husband and the mistress. Read on for the full recap.

Andrea, a very wealthy lady, was being stalked. She claimed that it’s her ex-husband who’s doing all the stalking incidents. The first one was when she had guests over at her house when the lights started to blink until it completely shut down and heard her dog, Roxy, barking in the other room. When she checked the room, she found that the walls were splattered with ink, saying that she’s a greedy woman, while a song played in the background. It turned out that the song was her and her husband’s theme song.

The second stalking incident was when she received a package given to her by her assistant, Robin, saying again that she’s a greedy woman. When she opened the package, there lies Roxy, all bloody and dead. The third one was when she got assaulted in the parking lot by a masked man.

She asked the help of Beth’s team to help her out and put her husband to jail because she’s pretty sure that her husband was behind all of these, including his new girlfriend, Melissa. Beth and Jack, including Janice and Ben, investigated the case. But when they interrogated Kenneth and Melissa about this, Kenneth had alibis until he was caught by Jack following and somehow attacking Andrea in her office.

Melissa even got a video of Andrea and Kenneth having sex by the pool. However, Beth’s team lacked the evidence that the culprit was Kenneth. They reviewed every thing again, and they found out that the video sent to Melissa of Andrea and Kenneth having sex by the pool was done a few months back. Apparently, Kenneth left his shirt at Andrea’s. That explained the shirt, which was found bloody. Andrea claims that it was Kenneth’s, and he wore that shirt while he killed Roxy.

Jack also found out some graffiti painting, and the masked man who broke in to Andrea’s house was wearing a Rolex, which Andrea claimed was Kenneth’s. However, Kenneth had an alibi ready, and Janice confirmed it and said that Kenneth was not behind the attacks. It led them to Damon Edmonds, a graffiti artist, and brought him in. They found out that every thing was staged by Andrea, and he hired him to attack her to get back at her ex-husband and his new gf.

However, Melissa was on her way to Andrea to apologize after she found the video of them having sex, and she wanted to explain to Andrea that she didn’t know that they were still together when they started the affair. She told Andrea everything, and Andrea invited her inside. That’s when she showed her real self and even broke stuff over her head because she’s going to make it look like Melissa attacked her. While doing this, she kept Melissa tied up. Beth and Jack got there on time, and they were able to save Melissa and put Andrea to jail.

As for Jack, he encountered his son again with his step-father, Ethan. Amanda found out about this, and she confronted Jack, threatening him that she’s going to tell Beth everything. Ethan also confronted him and told him that he knows about him. Jack shrugged him off and told him that he has nothing to worry about.

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