Stalker Season 1 Recap: My Hero

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: My Hero
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In “Stalker” Season 1 Episode 14 “My Hero,” it just proves that even the closest to you can be your worst nightmare. Read below for the full recap.

The episode opened with a proposal at the beach. The couple was Dave and Nicole. Nicole was elated, but the ring didn’t exactly fit her because it’s too big, so Dave assured her that they are going to have it fixed. Nicole told him to keep it first. They rode theme park rides to enjoy their day while amidst this joyous moment, someone’s not too happy about it as a hooded figure was following them.

The person who’s following them bumped into them and stole the ring. Dave told Nicole to call the police while he follows the man/woman. They even got to a fun house, but Dave didn’t get to the hooded figure.

At TAU, Beth received some bad news — they really don’t know where Perry and Ray were at the moment. Meanwhile, Jack was invited by Amanda to come over to their place on Friday because Ethan invited some friends over and wanted to introduce him to them. Jack was so grateful for Amanda, and Amanda seemed happy about it too.

Nicole and Dave’s case was presented to them. Since Beth has problems of her own, Jack suggested that she sits this one out, but Beth was all in to work on a case.

When they were talking to Nicole and Dave, Nicole revealed that she’s noticed a red truck that’s been following them for quite some time now, but they weren’t able to get its plate number. They told Beth about how they met. It turned out that both of them were in different relationships back then, but they left their partners because they really love each other. It was also revealed that both of their exes didn’t take the breakup very well. Dave’s ex, Stephanie, whom he dated for three years, expressed her heartbreak by emailing everyone at Dave’s company while Nicole said that her ex was very controlling.

They brought Nicole in, and she revealed details about her relationship with Dave. She said he dumped her because Dave told her he’s found his soulmate and even said that she regrets the bitter acts she has done in the past, but she has now moved on and was dating someone new. Next, they brought in Nicole’s ex who’s her lifeguard supervisor. He has an alibi and even expressed his happiness over Nicole and Dave’s engagement that he only found out when Beth told him.

After that incident, Nicole and Dave were at a beach barbecue, having fun until they ran out of beer. Dave volunteered to get it from the car, but he has to go through a dark tunnel to get there. He was walking towards the car until the person in a hoodie was there again, holding up a lighter and set Dave on fire. He didn’t know that there was a trail of accelerant in the tunnel, Dave got out of the tunnel on fire. Nicole screamed. Beth and Jack were at the beach too and found Trent there. Unfortunately, Dave didn’t make it.

Janice, on the other hand, was doing her best to get to the bottom of this case. She stumbled upon an incident that happened at Nicole’s job three months ago when a 12-year-old boy died and the boy’s parents sued but lost. The dad said that the lifeguard in charge that time should suffer like they had. And that made them think that it might be the parents of the boy who did this.

They brought in Nicole and asked about Pedro Vasquez, and she explained that his death wasn’t her fault. She said that the boy swam in an area that he shouldn’t have been in, and it was off season and even said that the boy was alone. When she got there, it was already too late. Trent and jack went to Juan Vasquez and said that his son would never have went to an area that he shouldn’t have been in. he said that he’s not blaming Nicole but more like blames the judge who failed to see through it because Nicole was clearly saving her ass. He had an alibi during the night of the attack on Dave. He also told them that he and his wife, Isabella, have broken up ever since their son’s death.

Back at work, Nicole was preparing to go home, and Mike was there too until they heard something outside. Mike headed out to check it. Nicole heard Mike groan, and when she checked, she saw Mike down at the water edge, hit by something. Beth got into the scene, and Mike said that he didn’t see who attacked him. When they saw the security footage that night, Jack saw the red truck again and was able to get a glimpse of its plate number. It matched Isabella’s, so they brought her in again.

Isabella almost gave a confession saying that she would usually stare at Nicole at her lifeguard tower, wondering if she’s happy. Whenever she thinks or feels she’s happy, she makes sure that she takes it away from her just like what Nicole did to her son. She wanted proof that she’s doing bad at her job, but she’s never gotten it. Since it wasn’t a real confession and there’s something missing there, the case was still open.

Back at Nicole’s house, her friend Zoey came over to stay with her during the night. they were just hanging out until Nicole goes into the bathroom and when a cabinet opened behind her, the lights shut off. She called to Zoey and told her to call 911. They managed to get outside the house when Beth and Jack came. They found a hidey hole in the house, which means that someone’s living in the house without Nicole knowing. It turned out that her stalker was her friend Zoey, who became obsessed with her after she saved her life. Zoey almost killed them both because she wants to be with Nicole forever, but luckily, the TAU managed to interrupt and save everyone’s life.

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