Stalker Season 1 Recap: Phobia

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: Phobia
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In the latest episode of “Stalker” Season 1, Episode 4 “Phobia,” we saw how a stalker played with his victim’s phobias. Read on for the full recap.

The episode kicked off with a woman in front of her house with her date. The guy kissed her, but she said that the sparks just weren’t there. She apologized, but the guy was persistent and told her that they should probably go inside and see what happens. The girl really didn’t want anything to do with him anymore, so she went inside. This upset the guy. She went to the shower, and she was surprised when she got out that her lamp in her bedroom was out. She tried opening it again, but it won’t work. She found that the bulb wasn’t there anymore just like almost all of her lights at home. Then he took out her flashlight, and she heard someone say “lights out.” A guy came to her and straddled her, but luckily, she was able to jump out of the window and run.

Meanwhile, Beth was called to the station, and Jack was there already. The victim named Kristin was also there. She said that she felt that she was being stalked, but she never reported it until what happened a while ago when she came face-to-face with her stalker. Kristin told them the whole story. She shared how the guy moved everything around her house and kept things dark to confuse her. She also said that there was a small red light in the darkness, which meant that the guy was filming her. Kristin also described some incidents that have happened before that night.

Beth asked if she knows who could that be. Kristin said that she just got home from a date, which has gotten her upset with the guy. Kristin said that that date was a setup by her friend because she saw the guy’s profile of Facebook and asked her friend if she can set her up with him.

Zack has a history of getting drunk in public, and he didn’t show up for work. Beth ordered for phone records, and then Jack came up with a theory that the guy’s intention is not to kill but to scare. Ben was able to track Zack’s phone, and it was just in the vacant house next door. They saw a garage in the car, only to find Zack tied up inside the trunk. When they got him to the hospital, Zack said that he saw someone, and the guy injected him something which caused him to passed out.

Jack and Beth figured that there’s something Kristin isn’t telling them, so they interrogated her further. They found out that she signed up for a dating website. It was actually more of a hook-up site, and that’s when she started feeling that she was being stalked. Jack and Beth asked her to login to see her profile, and they went down with three possible suspects whom Kristin met on the website.

Meanwhile, Beth met up with Tracy again to catch up. Tracy was talking about the new guy whom she’s seeing — a younger one who’s only 22. Then the scene changed, and we saw Laura on her computer looking at her dating site profile while she talked to a friend. She heard a noise in her house, so she started to investigate. She found nothing, but when she got into bed, we saw that her whole bedroom floor was covered in snakes. Jack and Beth got to the crime scene, but fortunately, Laura didn’t get any bites from the snakes. They also found out that that wasn’t the first time that someone was in her house. She didn’t report to the police because she didn’t find anything missing from her stuff. Beth told her that the other victim, Kristin, look exactly like her, and that’s when things started falling into pieces. She found out that most of these women who are being victimized by this notorious serial killer have posted their phobias on their dating site profiles, and they also look alike.

Meanwhile, Perry and Tracy were having sex. Tracy started telling her about her life, and Perry asked about Beth because he saw a photo of her with Tracy. Then Tracy started talking about Beth’s life who apparently had trouble with her fiancé. Her friend broke it off, and the guy went all crazy, trying to kill her.

Janice then found a guy named Chris Powell. He was the suspect behind the stalking incidents, but before they got to him, he already got Laura in a bathtub all tied up. Chris, who was a lunatic, wouldn’t tell them where the woman he’s tied up is. Jack threatened him, and he finally gave in.

After that whole incident, Jack invited Beth out for drinks, but she refused. In the end, he went with Janice, and they slept together. But before that, we saw Jack’s wall plastered with photos of his ex. He looked a bit flustered when Janice saw them, but he managed to take them down and come up with an excuse. The episode ended as we saw Perry talking to someone who said that Beth has no birth records.

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