Stalker Season 1 Recap: Salvation

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: Salvation
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Ray and Perry are getting closer and closer to Beth while Beth and the gang keeps themselves busy with a new case. Read below for the full recap of “Stalker” Season 1, Episode 16 “Salvation.”

The episode started with a woman who was harassed in her own apartment by a man. He told her that he was sent by Oscar and she should give Oscar another chance. She ran and started banging on doors until a woman lets her in.

Meanwhile, Jack wakes up in Beth’s house and Beth thanked him for staying around. Jack left and went to Amanda’s to take Ethan to school. Amanda was surprised because she didn’t know that it was Jack who was supposed to take Ethan to school. Jack said that Tim’s mom can’t take him and Ethan asked him. Ethan came out but before Amanda could let her son go. She told him that if he wants his dad to take him to school he should tell her.

At the TAU, Ben and Janice showed Beth some photos but she said that it isn’t Perry. Isabel, the woman we saw during the first scene was at the station reporting the incidents that occurred. She told them about Oscar whom she met a few months back. They dated until Oscar’s interest of drugs and partying became apparent. She broke it off because she wasn’t into that kind of stuff. She revealed that Oscar knows how to use fears to his advantage. Isabel said that she has already filed a TRO against him because he became aggressive back then.

At Ray and Perry’s, they talked about Beth’s current circle that they plan to take down one by one. Ray even thought that Jack was sleeping with Beth. Perry said no and even said that Beth doesn’t date.

Oscar was brought in for questioning. He pleads not guilty and even revealed that he has been sober for 3 months already. Janice and Beth learned that Isabel has a trust fund while Oscar is broke. They told him to stay away from Isabel and then they let him go.

Isabel was attacked by a number of people and reported what happened to Beth. That led them to think that what happened was cult behavior and they got their lead as to where those people congregates. They went to a huge house and they heard people chanting inside. A woman saw them and they told her that they are from the LAPD. Abraham told them that he hasn’t seen Clarke for weeks now and told them what they do. They are the Celestial Fellowship that believes in astronomy and a woman named Skye toured them inside.

It turns out that Isabel’s neighbor, Lucy is also a part of that cult that she invited Isabel to go with her. Everything was going smoothly until Isabel met Abraham and that’s when things got weird. It turns out that Abraham has a huge obsession over Isabel that he did all of that to get to Lucy. Lucy tried to defend Isabel but she got hit instead. Beth and Jack immediately came to the rescue just when Isabel was about to be “baptized.”

Jack spent the night with his son while Beth spent the night with Isabel and Amanda got her head bashed by Ray who snuck up behind her.

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