Stalker Season 1 Recap: Secrets and Lies

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: Secrets and Lies
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In the latest episode of “Stalker,” Episode 12 “Secrets and Lie,” a political figure has been receiving disturbing threats and stalking incidents. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode kicked off with a package arriving in a government building for Mayor Hayes. His receptionist opened the package and said that it’s a music box. Then it started ticking, which made the security guard call for the bomb squad. When they opened it, the music box popped out an evil-looking doll.

Meanwhile, at the TAU, Janice told Beth that they finally has warrant to search Perry’s dorm room, but Beth said that they need to build a case against Perry in 36 hours. Janice suggested that they asked for Amanda’s help, and Beth was hesitant because she doesn’t want her real identity out in the open. Still, Janice insisted that they can trust Amanda. Their conversation was interrupted when Ben came in and informed them about the threat to the mayor. Beth and Jack went to the mayor’s office right away.

When they got there, the mayor said that he does get a lot of threats every year. Beth and the mayor were pretty close, as well as the mayor’s chief aid, Cedric, who told them details about the package, which was addressed to Judas Hayes. They got more details through Janice, who gave them information that the mayor’s wife, Elaine, was the campaign manager. Ben said that some people started hating the mayor ever since he implemented some budget cuts last year. They had one suspect, Ken Buck, who claims to be a victim of police brutality. He was taken at the TAU for questioning because of the possibility that he might be the one who’s been stalking the mayor due to his rage. However, they didn’t get much out of him, and he even said that he’s not mad at the mayor, but at the system.

That night, when the mayor was on his way to his car, he heard a noise. When he got in his car, he found a dummy that looks like a wicked clown with a note that says “Leave her alone.” Frightened, he immediately got out of the car, and then he saw a clown coming after him. Luckily, he got at the back door of the hotel and was able to get inside.

Beth and Jack heard of this incident, and they asked the mayor why he was out so late at the hotel. At first, he asked to talk to Beth alone, and he admitted that he’s running for governor. However, Beth didn’t buy it, and Hayes finally admitted that he was seeing a woman in the hotel named Alice who’s still in college. Beth thinks that the note left in the dummy pertains to Alice. They got intel about Alice right away — she’s a high-end escort. Janice went to her place, and Alice said that she couldn’t talk about her clients. After some probing, Alice revealed that there’s a guy named Drew Summers who was her client. He was very controlling and wanted to marry her, but they don’t talk anymore.

When they got to Drew, he admitted that he’s in love with Alice and would do anything to be with her but not hurt her. With no stronger evidence than this, Beth then realized that Alice might be Hayes’ daughter. When they talked to Elaine, she said that his husband wouldn’t cheat on her. Beth confronted Mayor Hayes about Alice and revealed that she’s his daughter. After a while, Elaine admitted that she knows about Alice, and it was her who hired someone to stalk her husband simply because he’s protecting him and her family, as well as his husband’s career. Beth finds this odd because Elaine easily admitted to it.

They asked if their son, Craig, knows about Alice, and Elaine said yes. When they asked where Craig is, they said that he’s with Alice, and he really is. Alice thought that Craig was only one of her customers until Craig admitted that he’s the one who’s been doing the stalking and even told her that they have the same father. Alice freaked out and left the place until she ran into Drew. Drew said that he’s going to take care of Craig. Craig tried to help out Alice, but Drew dragged her away.

When Beth and the team got to Craig, he pointed where they were headed. They got onto Alice, and she was dangling off a bridge while Drew almost dropped her. Alice was saved and thanked her brother Craig.

As for Perry, he bailed out, and Janice said that he’s missing. No one knows where he is. This made Beth cry, and Jack saw her like that. It turned out that Perry was visiting Ray. Perry told Ray that they have a mutual friend named Michelle.

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