Stalker Season 1 Recap: Tell All

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: Tell All
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Things are getting better for Jack’s personal life while Beth is still struggling with her problem, but the good thing is now she has Janice on her side. Aside from those, there’s a different case the TAU has to deal with in “Stalker” Season 1, Episode 11 “Tell All.” Read below for the full recap.

It all started with a woman named Stella who’s been having consistent stalking incidents.Her most recent one was when someone broke into her house, but luckily the security alarm went off. When she got to the police station, she told Beth and Jack that she suspects that her ex-husband, Tom Wade, a pro-athlete is behind the attacks. Stella told them that ever since they broke up he became a creeper.

They brought Tom Wade in together with his lawyer. Tom had an alibi that night when someone broke into Stella’s home. Later on, they found out that Stella has written a book about her circle that revealed their secrets, as well as their personalities according to Stella’s pov. It’s like a burn book from the “Mean Girls." Unfortunately, this book has been sent to the people in the book and they all know that it was Stella behind it.

Cynthia, one of the people in the book is upset with her. Stella explained that she only did that because Cynthia slept with her husband. At the same time, she wants people to know that she’s not who they think she is. Everybody thinks so badly of her and she wants to set things straight.

Meanwhile, Jack had a run-in with Ethan. He was asking him questions and Jack even told him that his mom might get mad at him for straying away from where he’s supposed to be. As for Beth, she finally told Janice everything about her family and Janice is determined to help her. Janice sneaked in Perry’s apartment to take photos of what’s in there when Perry walked in on her. Janice defended herself well and was able to walk away from Perry.

Back to the case, it turns out that Stella hired someone to write the book for her, Cameron. Things got really bad when Cynthia went missing as well as the plastic surgeon who’s also in the book and one of Stella’s friends. When they got to Cameron they found him dead but luckily, he was able to record everything on his computer.  And that’s when they found out that it was Tom who’s after all of these.

When Stella got home, she heard Tom calling out for her. She was surprised to see Cynthia and her doctor friend all tied up. Tom told her that he still loves her and he got them for her to kill them for hurting her. Stella tried to play him. She told him that she would rather do the killing because that’s how much they hate them. Then, she got the gun she shot Tom but missed. The good news is that Jack and the rest got there on time and they were able to capture Tom Wade.

Jack talked to Amanda. Shetold her about Ethan that he might know more that she thinks. Amanda then told him that Ethan might have overheard her discussion about him with her boyfriend. She decided to introduce him to Ethan and finally Jack was able to bind with his son for the first time.

As for Janice, she did some research on Perry and provoked him by using it against him and Perry cracked and attacked her and the cops saw it and they brought in Perry.

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