Stalker Season 1 Recap: The Haunting

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: The Haunting
A portrait of Dylan McDermott. May 24, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Bettycrocker

Stalker” Season 1 Episode 5 “The Haunting” kicked off with two friends, Lori and Annie, who were in a costume store. They were both trying out costumes when Lori suddenly felt like someone’s watching her. She went out of the dressing room to see how the costume looks on her when she saw someone wearing a mask bounced a ball towards her. She bounced it back. It was like a bouncing match until Lori freaked out and told the person behind the mask to leave her alone. She panicked and ran out of the dressing room. But when they got back, the clown costume that the person was wearing was the only thing there.

Meanwhile, Perry got a call from his source telling him that he has the file about Beth, and his real name is Michelle Webber. The guy said he will give the file upon payment.

Janice and Jack were back to normal after hooking up. However, it seemed that Janice wants more than a casual hook-up. Beth was already talking to Lori at the police station, and Jack came over to listen. Lori told Beth that she suspects that the person who’s been stalking her is Bobby, a guy he dated who’s wealthy but loves to party that’s why she dumped him. Annie, her friend, also pitched in by saying that Bobby is bipolar, and he broke into their house. She also told Beth that they have moved into a haunted house, but Lori defended Bobby and told her that Bobby was only trying to scare them for fun. However, Annie thought Bobby’s doing that to either punish Lori for dumping him or because he wants her back.

Beth ordered her team to send in Bobby for questioning, but Bobby had an alibi saying that he was in the library during the time of the incident. They checked his alibi and found out that he was telling the truth. However, Ben showed Jack a video from Bobby’s friend Max tormenting someone at the costume shop. Bobby said that the only thing he did was  send Lori a couple of messages but never did he break into their house. He said he would never hurt her. Lori didn’t want to press charges even though Annie told her to as well as Amanda.

Back at Lori and Annie’s house, they were talking about party preparations. When they got into bed, Lori was woken up by the creak of a floorboard. She got up to investigate. The party lights kept on lighting up, and it’s starting to scare her. Then she heard the door opened, which meant that the person who was there has already left. She told Annie to call 911 because someone broke into their house again.

Beth and Jack arrived, and Annie said that it was Bobby. However, Bobby had an alibi again. Jack inspected the basement of the house and found some strange ritual stuff. They found out that the house was built in 2003 by a carpenter who cheated on his wife. His wife killed herself by hanging herself in the basement, and the carpenter hung himself too. Jack requested police records regarding the case, and Ben said that he already requested for them. They also found out that the house was foreclosed and has been being rented out since then. The person who lived there before was Louis Atwood.

Ben and Jack headed to Atwood’s house, and they found some ritual stuff again. They also found some files on Lori and Annie. Someone grabbed Ben, but Jack managed to put him down. It was Atwood. They brought him to the police station, and Atwood said that the reason he has files on the girls is because they are renting the house, and he was home the whole night when someone broke into the house. Jack asked him why he moved out of the house. Atwood said that he heard noises, and he saw a specter.

Jack talked to Amanda about seeing their son, but Amanda still refused to let him see his son. He went to a Halloween party, and he watched his son from afar until his son gets bullied. He rescued him. Jack got a call from Beth and said that Atwood bailed out, but he’s not home. Jack went over to Lori’s. The masked guy was at Lori’s house again, and it was Atwood who sprinkled some white dust on the floor then started some sort of ritual. Someone grabbed him from behind.

Beth, Jack and the other cops checked out the guests, and Beth decided to look around. When she sensed that a masked person was following her, she yanked him and pulled his mask off — it was Perry. Beth told her to leave, and she walked away from him. However, Perry said, “Nice to see you, Michelle.” Beth said that she’s a cop, and it will never be nice to see her.

Lori told the guests that they should not go upstairs, and then she saw a guy on the floor. It was Max. Max apologized for scaring her and told her that Bobby loves her. Ben called Jack and told him that the urban legend was not totally right because the wife did kill herself, but the husband was sent to an asylum but vanished. His name was Greg Miner.  

Bobby was throwing up in the bathroom when he saw someone grab Lori. He identified the guy as Greg. Jack went down to the basement and broke the drywall. There, they saw Atwood dead and Lori alive. They brought in Greg, and it turned out that he’s obsessed with the house because of his wife. He felt like people living there was a threat to his wife.

Beth was looking at some photo albums before she went to bed, while Perry was reading her file online. Beth made a call to an institute in San Francisco and inquired about a prisoner and if the prisoner had any visitors. The answer was no. Who’s that prisoner? Why is Perry so obsessed with Beth? What is Beth hiding?

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