Stalker Season 1 Recap: The News

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Stalker Season 1 Recap: The News
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The latest episode of “Stalker,” Episode 13 “The News,” tackled a new development on Beth’s anxiousness with Ray and Perry having found each other and now are out to get her. Read on to learn more about this episode.

John Bardo, a male anchor, freaked out when he got a text during his news show from someone who told him that he did a great job that night. When he asked if he/she was in the studio, the texter only answered with a “maybe” then sent him a video of his daughter in her room.

At the TAU, Jack came to Beth’s office to thank her for confiding in him. Beth thanked him for listening to her. Janice came in and told Beth that they need to build a new case while Ben was on Bardo’s case. He found out that the video of Bardo’s daughter that was sent to him was taken a week ago, and his daughter was safe. Janice then revealed that Bardo has been stalked a few years ago by a guy named Sam Russell who tried to kill him.

Sam got out from jail, and Ben said that Sam’s record is clean since he was released in prison. It means that it might not be him who’s stalking Bardo. Still, they brought in Sam, and he said that he didn’t try to kill him but was only protecting him. He also has an alibi during the night that Bardo got his texts as well as the time of the video. Beth had a strong feeling that Sam’s not their guy.

They asked more information from Bardo. He said that he and his wife separated after the stalking incident, and he’s now seeing someone new for five weeks — Lauren. Lauren seemed to be a very supportive girlfriend, even promising Bardo that she will not leave him like his ex. She even encouraged him to get a security team for himself just to be on the safe side.

Beth and Jack were hard at work getting to the bottom of this case that they noticed how Bardo’s co-anchor, Adele, was quite weird — weird in a way that there’s tension between the two. They asked about it, and Bardo said that he and Adele had an affair only because Adele told him that she’s broken up with her husband and what happened to them only happened once.

When they brought in Adele, they found out that her husband knows about the affair and only asked her to keep mum about it. Another attack happened to Bardo, and they caught Sam. Sam only said that he was only trying to protect Bardo and his family because he’s writing a crime blog about him. Still, he was taken to jail, but Beth still insisted that he’s not their guy.

The video reflected the jacket of the person behind the camera with a specific logo, and Beth asked for the team to know what logo it is. Then another suspect came into the picture — Keith Bradshaw. He was Bardo’s competition before he was promoted as an anchor. They took in Keith. He admitted that he doesn’t like Bardo, but he’s not stalking him. Later on, they found out that the logo was a Bradbury University logo, where Keith graduated from. This only strengthened evidence against Keith, which is why he was brought in again. Keith had a meltdown session while being interrogated by Beth. It was until they found out that the prints on the casings they found were a match with someone named Candance Donavan. When they looked her up, they were surprised to find out that it was Bardo’s girlfriend — Lauren.

It turned out that Lauren, or Candace, was in love with Keith and resented Bardo for getting the anchor position, which is why she’s avenging him. She attacked Bardo and pointed a gun at him while Keith tried to talk her out of it. Luckily, they got there in time and were able to get Candace.

As for Ray, they found out that he was out of jail and was with Perry. Beth was so scared, and she even got a call from Ray telling her that they need to see each other soon. She then hired police officers to man her house 24/7. Just when she was about to sleep, Jack and Janice came over to stay for the night with her.

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