Stallone’s Half-Sister in Hospital

By admin | 6 years ago

Sylvester Stallone is just coming to grips with the death of Sage, his oldest son. He now has to handle news that Toni Ann Filiti, his half sister, has been admitted to the UCLA hospital in critical condition. Filiti is battling lung cancer and up until her hospitalization was living with Jackie Stallone, 90, her mother in Santa Monica. Filiti, 48, has battled the disease for some time and was rushed two weeks ago to the hospital when she worsened.

The grieving Stallone, who is 66, is at this time in France with wife Jennifer Flavin and his three daughters. He is struggling trying to cope with the death of his son, who the housekeeper found dead on July 13 in his home in Los Angeles. Jackie, his mom, said that after losing her grandson that it was too much to handle. Jackie said that Toni Ann was not well at all, as she is fighting against Stage 4 lung cancer and has liver cancer that has spread into her brain.

The prognosis is bad said Jackie. The doctors told her it would not improve and they have done all they can, as she even tried an experimental treatment. Her mother said she would like to bring Toni Ann home.

Jackie said her son Sly was still in France, but he had helped his nephew Edmund, Toni Ann’s son, very much and had been a big morale booster for the young man.

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