Stan Lee Knows The Reason Why ‘Fantastic Four’ Becomes A Flop!

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Stan Lee Knows The Reason Why ‘Fantastic Four’ Becomes A Flop!
Stan Lee at his best

Stan Lee says that he is aware of the reason why “Fantastic Four” had such a dismissal performance at the box office. Read on!

It was a bad news for the movie “Fantastic Four” as it flopped miserably at the box office and received disappointing reviews by the movie critics. Even Josh Tran, the film’s director, could not hide his disappointment and tweeted about the movie’s fate.

So, what really went wrong with the movie? In a recent interview to Entertainment Weekly, Stan Lee said that he was aware of the reasons behind the movie being a dud at the box office. He said that in all probability the movie flopped as he did not have a cameo in it.

For most of the people, the movie sucked, the plot went haywire, it was boring and all the actors seemed wasted. “Fantastic Four” was loathed by the critics and audience wished that they could have spent their money on something else. The movie was a real disaster in every sense.

It was Stan Lee who was the creator of the original movie “Fantastic Four” with Jack Kirby. Lee also said that the story of the film was not discussed with him by the filmmakers and he is yet to watch the movie.

When Larry King, the interviewer asked him whether Lee thought that one of the reasons for the movie’s dismissal at the box office could be because of the existence of so many superheroes that appeared within a short span of time, Lee replied “That may be true.”

“Fantastic Four” has been one of those very few Marvel movies where Lee has not made an appearance since he has done several cameo appearances in many TV shows and Marvel movies from “Agent Carter” to “The Avengers.”

Stan Lee, who is also refereed by many as “The Marvel Comics Legend,”  appeared in “Fantastic Four,” a movie that was released in 2005.

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Photo source:  Wikimedia/Commons/Stan Lee

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