Stand Up Guy Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Stand Up Guy MovieAl Pacino and Christopher Walken play Baltimore gangsters in their late 60s in Stand Up Guys. They are not apologetic about becoming grumpy old sociopaths. Al Pacino is Val. He just got out of prison. Christopher Walken is Val’s old friend Doc. He has orders to dispatch his old friend before the next morning.

Doc and Val sit around diners, cappuccino shops, and a filthy apartment. They talk about the old days. Then they go to a brothel and talk about threesomes and Viagra. Pacino gets down on the dance floor while Walken stares into space.

Alan Arkin joins the two as a dying colleague. Pacino and Walken save him from a rest home, where he is fading away. He gives the movie a much needed boost, especially when he gets behind the wheel of a stolen car. They meet a lot of interesting people along the way.

Stand Up Guys is the first dramatic feature by director Fisher Stevens. He does his best to give the Hollywood legends room to show off their stuff. But this is where the problem with the movie comes from. It has too much homage to 70s acting class.

Stand Up Guys shows that Pacino, Walken and Arkin are still too good to collapse into self-parody, even if the movie is asking them to. It is good to see them together in one movie. Don’t expect the movie to be a violent and action-packed gangster movie. It is a good movie with heart.

The movie is filled with humor and it tends to make the viewer think about the different aspects of life. Stand Up Guys is a fun movie. Pacino and Walken still have a lot to offer to movie goers and this movie is a proof of it. The humor might not be for everyone but overall, it is an entertaining movie.

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