Star of Swamp People Dies

By admin | 6 years ago

The star of Swamp People, the TV reality show, died on Monday. Mitchell Guist, from Louisiana, was on a boat near the Belle River Landing when a witness said he had a seizure. The star then fell onto the boat. The witness accompanying Guist at the time of his death towed his boat, as well as Guist’s to the landing. He then called 911 and started CPR.

Once paramedics arrived, they took Guist to the Teche Medical Center, where doctors pronounced him dead. In a statement, the History Channel said how saddened they were to hear of Guist’s passing and that he passed away doing what he loved doing and being where he love to be, on the swamp.

The reality show Swamp People is set in the Atchafalaya Swamp in Louisiana. It focuses on alligator hunters who are Cajun, like Guist and Glenn his brother. The show covers the 30-day annual alligator hunting season that the History Channel says is crucial to the survival of the swamp people.

The show has run three seasons and is a ratings winner for the channel in its timeslot Thursday night. It has finished as the top original program on cable and has pulled in close to 4 million viewers for one episode.

The two Guist brothers have been described as full-blooded swampers who live completely off the land, making use of all that nature offers. That resonated amongst many viewers who began to respect those who lived completely off the grid and only on what Mother Nature offered.

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