This Star Is Rumored To Reprise His Iconic Role In Next Installment

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Star Is Rumored To Reprise His Iconic Role In Next Installment
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James Bond is one role that has been in discussion a lot. Daniel Craig has played the role really well in the last four movies and has done wonders playing the role. Now a new update is stating that he will be back to reprise his iconic role for Bond 25.

Daniel Craig reaches a deal

Screen Rant reported that Craig has reached a deal and will reportedly star in the upcoming Bond 25. Though neither the producers nor the Skyfall star has confirmed this update, reports have been stating since last year that he would be back for one more movie.

The latest update states that Craig has agreed with producer Barbara Broccoli to work on the next movie will begin next year. It also states that since the movie will begin filming next year, it is targeting a release date two years from now.

No other cast has been confirmed yet but the makers are also looking to getting Adele to sing the theme song. Makers believe Craig and Adele’s combination would prove to be successful yet again.

Other contenders lined up

Before this update released, there were other contenders lined up for the role of Bond. Poldark star Aidan Turner, Thor stars Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba, X-Men: First Class star Michael Fassbender and Inception star Tom Hardy were all top contenders for the role.

At one point of time, each of these actors found themselves in the top spot to become Craig’s successor. Despite all the contenders that were being lined up, the makers’ choice was always clear.

Producer’s choice for 007

Mail Online had reported last year that even though so many contenders are being lined up for the role, Craig is still the producer’s first choice. The outlet stated that the producers would love to have him back in the role.

Craig at the time was not so ecstatic about reprising his role but after some time he started showing more interest in coming back for it.

Previous movies as 007

Craig’s journey as Bond began with Casino Royale. The movie was his first adventure as the iconic spy and saw him learning tricks of the trade. He suffered a heartbreak but also learned a valuable lesson of not trusting anyone.

In the second movie Quantum of Solace, he was more of a rage machine who was moving around killing every bad guy possible. While his bosses sought to pull him out of the field, he chose not to stop.

Ultimately he found peace when he tracked down his deceased ladylove’s fiancé and discovered an undisclosed truth about her. In the third movie Skyfall, it again came down to who Bond could trust.

MI6 was destroyed from within and it was on him to resurrect the agency and protect his boss from an old nemesis. Ultimately in the fourth movie Spectre, it all tied together and made sense.

An old and presumed to be a dead person from Bond’s life was revealed to be the one who was causing all of this. The man was revealed to be Blofeld and he explained how he shaped Bond’s life and how he was responsible for everything that Bond went through.

Plot and release date

No official plot for Bond 25 has been released yet but reports have stated that it would continue the story from the previous movie. Bond left Blofeld alive and let him get arrested by Ralph Fiennes’ M.

Given that Blofeld is a criminal mastermind, he might break out of prison easily and come back to extract revenge. His organization SPECTRE already has a vast history in the Bond-verse.

This movie could give the evil organization an opportunity to grow further. Bond 25 does not have a confirmed release date.


Photo source: Facebook/James Bond 007

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