This Star Is Rumored To Have Signed Three More DC Movies

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Star Is Rumored To Have Signed Three More DC Movies
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DCEU has finally started its path to success. With multiple movies lined up to release, a new update has popped up about one DC star. This update reveals that this DC star has been signed on for more future DC movies.

Going by the update, it seems like this actor’s role just got extended in the cinematic universe.

Ben Affleck’s signing rumor

We Got This Covered reported that Ben Affleck has signed on for more DC movies that are set to release in near future. The report states that he has signed for three new movies.

However, it should be noted that the studio has not confirmed this update yet. Affleck’s performance has been widely appreciated by DC fans, which might have led to him getting an extended opportunity to continue with his portrayal of Batman.

Projects he is signed on for

The update revealed that these three movies that Affleck signed on for are in addition to the movies in which he is already confirmed to play Batman in. The first movie is a sequel to The Batman.  

The second movie is Justice League 2 and the final one is an untitled one. There have been rumors for Justice League 2 but no update has ever confirmed that the principle cast would return for the sequel.

If Affleck has signed the dotted line for the sequel now, chances are other cast members of Justice League will be signing soon. Sequel to The Batman is being discussed for the first time.

Some months back, there were rumors that the studio will give more movies to Affleck’s dark knight but that died down quickly. If The Batman 2 is indeed happening, it will take Affleck’s Batman’s story further in DCEU.

Finally,  the final movie could either be a third solo movie for Batman or another Justice League installment.

Affleck’s confirmed appearances

Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, there are two movies in which Affleck is confirmed to appear in. The first movie is Justice League.

It is the first DC ensemble, which is expected to release this year. The movie will see Batman and Wonder Woman recruiting other metahumans as they come together to form the team.

After Justice League, Affleck will appear in his first solo movie The Batman. Director Matt Reaves is helming the movie and he has just begun working on the movie. There are reports that everyone including Affleck liked the director’s vision for the movie.

Affleck’s portrayal of Batman

Affleck first appeared as an older, darker Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He had witnessed the destruction that Superman’s fight with Zod had brought and started considering Superman as an alien threat.

He set out to destroy the Man of Steel and was on the verge of killing him before he was stopped. Realizing his mistake, he swore to continue his fight against crime and even expressed his wish to assemble a team.

For Justice League, Affleck’s portrayal has changed a little bit. He can be seen cracking a joke or two instead of brutally murdering criminals. He also became a part of a team instead of fighting solo. Some credit this change to his restored faith in humanity, Superman’s selfless sacrifice and an undying will to fight for the good cause.

Plot and premiere date

Justice League will pit Batman and his new friends against Steppenwolf, an Apokolips army general. Once he and the team are done dealing with Steppenwolf, he will be going up against multiple rogues from his own gallery of bad guys in his solo movie.

Deathstroke was confirmed as the main villain before Reaves was brought in. Now the same villain along with Joker and Scarecrow are being reported as some of the villains in The Batman. Justice League releases this year while there is no fixed release date for The Batman.


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