Star Trek wins Weekend Box Office

By admin | 5 years ago

The latest installment of the Star Trek Into Darkness debuted in North America last Wednesday and took in over $71 million during this weekend, while taking in $84 million since last Wednesday.

Even though Star Trek ended the weekend in first place, Paramount Pictures expected the film to earn more during its debut weekend. The new Into Darkness film is director J.J. Abrams’ second installment of the franchise.

On Wednesday, the movie debuted in just 336 IMAX cinema before going to a full opening Thursday.

The debut this past weekend was 6% more than the first installment in 2009, but the increase was due to 3-D and IMAX versions that have a higher ticket price.

The movie has become more popular overseas. The first Abrams installment only earned close to 33% of its total sales internationally. However, during this past weekend the movie took in $80.5 million overseas bringing the total sales internationally to over $164 million.

Star Trek was the only major movie studio film to be released this past weekend. Taking second place was Iron Man 3. The superhero flick finished in first place for two straight weeks before falling to second with sales of $35.3 million taking its domestic total to more than $337 million.

The Great Gatsby also enjoyed another strong weekend to finish in second place with earnings of $23.4 million. The remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel has now taken in more than $90 million during its 10 days of showing.

This weekend Fast & Furious 6 will launch in North America.

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