Star Wars: 7 Theories That Might Change How You Look At ‘The Force Awakens’

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Star Wars: 7 Theories That Might Change How You Look At ‘The Force Awakens’
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Star Wars proves to be a force to be reckoned with, as the franchise’s seventh installment slayed in the box office when it opened a couple of weeks ago.

It would be safe to say that until now, there are still some unanswered questions lingering in fans’ thoughts—so some of them came up with theories to explain these mind blowing queries. According to Huffington Post, some of the unrequited issues include: the identity of Rey’s real parents; Rey’s unexplainable prowess in using The Force; and will Finn ever know if Rey has a boyfriend?

Without further ado, here are seven theories that may change how you see “Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens”

1. The comma that might insinuate that Luke and Leia have a sibling.

Looking at a potential boo-boo in the movie’s opening crawl, the sentence “She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.” will be seen.

It is said to be missing important commas, since “Luke” is not critical to the significance of the sentence but “brother” is. Mentioning Luke’s name is not needed, as he is Leia’s only brother, therefore commas should balance it. Could it be that there is another brother being referred to? Is this a spoiler for the next chapter? Either those questions are valid or J.J. Abrams isn’t very particular about commas.

2. Rey is a Skywalker.

What would be more shocking is if Rey was not Luke’s daughter, as the movie seems to suggest it—big time! Luke’s lightsaber seems to be beckoning Rey; she has an unbelievable, allegedly amateur, knack to use The Force—and don’t’ forget that when Kylo Ren gets inside her head, he appears to grasp the island that Rey ultimately finds Luke on.

Also noting that at one time, Rey refers to the Millennium Falcon “garbage,” symbolizing how Luke previously called it a “piece of junk.” All these factors appear to point that Rey is Luke’s daughter, unless…

3. Rey is not a Skywalker but a Kenobi.

We have compared Rey and Luke, now to see what qualities she has that seem to come from Obi-Wan: Both are trained at exercising Jedi mind tricks; a scene where Rey takes cover on Starkiller Base is parallel to when Obi-Wan was lying low to deactivate the tractor beam on the Death Star—and wait, their clothes even look alike; or maybe..

4. Rey IS a Skywalker and Kylo is her brother.

Star Wars theorist Helge Kåre Fauskanger clarifies, the plot of Kylo Ren seems as if it is a reimagining of the destiny of Han and Leia’s son Jacen Solo from the “no-longer-canon” novels.

Jacen also fell prey to the Dark Side. “Jacen had a sister called Jaina, and it would be tempting to assume that if Kylo/Ben is the reimagined Jacen, Rey is the re-imagined Jaina who will eventually turn out to be the sister of Kylo/Ben. If so, she is the daughter of Han and Leia.” Interesting…

5. Rey is a survivor of the “incident” at Luke’s Jedi conservatory.

The mere circumstance that Rey appears to have this crazy, untutored ability to use The Force could be viewed as a major storyline hole, but what if it’s not? What if Rey was educated? Many suppose Rey’s apparition after touching Luke Skywalker’s old lightsaber may have been suppressed recollections resurfacing. Fans say she was taught by Luke and was there at the terrible event at Jedi training that instigated him to go into isolation.

6. Kylo Ren rescued Rey.

In Rey’s prophecy, it shows that the individual Kylo Ren stabs through the back was really attacking her. So, Kylo may have saved her life. “Kylo can’t be seen to let people live after his orders were to slaughter everyone, so he mind-wipes her and leaves her on Jakku (or orders one of his team to do it), leaving her as his dirty little secret.”

If Rey was was under attack and Kylo let her live, it would better clarify why he panicked when he knew “a girl” may have aided BB-8 and Finn getaway from Jakku.

7. Rey’s name isn’t really Rey.

Following the big reveal that Kylo Ren is really Ben, fans began contemplating that Rey may also have the same case, particularly since altering her name would be the best way to keep her hidden on Jakku.

Redditor Patojavier thinks that Ben and Rey embody diverse characteristics of Anakin/Darth Vader, the Light and the Dark: Kylo, signifies Anakin’s fury, fear, jealousy, etc is named Ben (Vader’s ultimate enemy) and Rey exemplifies love, compassion, forgiveness, etc; is named Padme (Anakin’s true love, even in Vader’s state)

Could Rey essentially be named after Padme? Another factor to consider is that “rey” means “king” in Spanish—equals, royalty. If true, the name indication is comparable to how disparities of “Vader” mean “father” in other languages, predicting a bombshell in “The Empire Strikes Back” that is, Darth Vader being Luke’s dad.

Whew! What do you think?


Photo Source: Facebook/Star Wars

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