Star Wars: Episode 8 Cast-Daisy Ridley’s Rey & Yoda Likely To Play Vital Role

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Star Wars: Episode 8 Cast-Daisy Ridley’s Rey & Yoda Likely To Play Vital Role
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Daniel Miller, LA Times reporter, has revealed an important detail about Daisy Ridley’s Rey in Star Wars: Episode 8. He has posted a tweet post-Disney shareholder’s annual meeting that defines her character’s appearance in the film.

On the other hand, Star Wars expert Mike Zeroh has received an update on character Yoda. In his video, he says that Yoda is going to serve a larger purpose in episode 8. Read to know more.

Star Wars: Episode 8 Cast Daisy Ridley’s Appearance

Daisy Ridley is reprising her role in Star Wars: Episode 8. As per Miller, when the film opens Luke Skywalker’s first words to her are, “Who are you?” In an interesting new update, Miller has told on his official Twitter account that Rey is clearly under duress. This raises questions such as, who is manipulating Rey. Is she not safe?

The tweet also reads that she is surrounded by many small orbs of light that hung in the air. As per Zeroh, this shot might be shot inside a cave. Her face is illuminated all blue and the light orbs are floating around her.

He further adds that the film last jedi is having a more majestic tone than the force awakens. And fans will learn more about the force, and all this could be a part of that. Another possibility is that it can be a flashback scene or beginning of the appearance of the character Yoda.

Star Wars: Episode 8 cast

Star Wars: Episode 8 Cast Yoda To Play Vital Role

Frank Oz voices Yoda in star wars film franchise. Yoda is the trainer of Luke Skywalker and serves as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Now according to aforementioned source, it has been recently heard that Yoda will be coming back. This Star Wars: Episode 8 cast member, has been missing in the force awakens. But it seems to reprise the role in the second installment.

The aforementioned source also says, “As per a new update Yoda apparently will be the McGuffin of Star Wars: Episode 8.” This has sent off speculations rife that who will Yoda serve? Will it be Luke Skywalker or Rey? It appears that Yoda is supposed to play a vital role in the film. And he is going to serve a larger purpose.

It will be interesting to see how Yoda trains Rey. His voice is heard in Star Wars: The Force Awakens film at the moment when Rey discovers the lightsaber of Luke. Apart from that, there is no significant mention of this character in the first installment of the trilogy.

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