Star Wars: Episode 8 Leak- New Photograph Teases Details Of Snoke’s Planet

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Star Wars: Episode 8 Leak- New Photograph Teases Details Of Snoke’s Planet
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The latest photograph has been leaked from the filming location of Star Wars: Episode 8 film. This photograph is taken in Iceland. As per star wars expert Mike Zeroh, this location appears similar to the description given for Snoke’s planet in the last jedi.

A couple of weeks back, Zeroh discussed a theory on Supreme Leader Snoke. As per the theory, Snoke lives on a planet that is called as “Mars with snow on it.” In his video, the currently leaked image from the set of Star Wars: Episode 8 appears to be shooting that same planet in Iceland. Read to know more.

Star Wars: Episode 8 Leak Shows Amazing Landscape

Star Wars: Episode 8 filming has taken place at several locations. Right from Pinewood studios in the UK to the multiple counties of Ireland and recently it has been learned that they have shot over Bolivia. And the latest update is that the crew has been filming in Iceland.

The leaked photograph is a behind the scenes image. It is taken by a by a local in Iceland of the film-making process of episode 8. The image showcases beautiful landscape, with some snow and some land. There are also some crew trucks visible in the photograph, as per the aforementioned source.

The image has sent off speculations rife that this is Snoke’s planet and he resides here. And now the leaked photograph matches the description of Supreme Leader’s planet. Apparently one may get more back-story on Snoke in Star Wars: Episode 8.

Star Wars: Episode 8

Star Wars: Episode 8 Leak Raises Questions About Snoke

The leaked image matches with the planet called “Mars with snow on it.” Speculations are rife that in the last jedi fans will get to see new planets. Such as the planet of Ahch-To, Dubrovnik or casino planet and a planet described as “Mars with snow on it.” And this above-mentioned planet might be where Snoke resides.

But this photograph also raises some questions. Such as is Snoke living on this planet all alone? Is he accompanied by the stormtroopers? Does Snoke have his whole army here? Also, will Kylo Ren come to meet Snoke on this planet in episode 8? All this and more will be revealed when the film arrives in the theaters on Dec.15, 2017.

Brief Detail About Snoke

Supreme Leader of the First Order is Snoke. He is seen training Ren, son of Han Solo, in the force awakens. He has been successful in drifting Ren’s mind and making him join the dark side of the force. This villainous character has turned Ren against his own family in episode 7.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Star Wars Movies

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