Star Wars: Episode 8 Opening Scene Teases Three Potential Spoilers

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
Star Wars: Episode 8 Opening Scene Teases Three Potential Spoilers
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Star Wars: Episode 8 opening clip has been dropped at Disney’s annual shareholder’s meeting in Denver. Daniel Miller, Los Angeles Times reporter, has viewed this footage. He has revealed on his official Twitter account potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will pick up right where the previous film has left off. Fans will get to see what happens next after Rey hands over Luke Skywalker’s lost lightsaber. A small clip has been shown to the Disney shareholders present for the meeting. Read to know more.

General Leia Organa Appears In Opening Scene

Star Wars: Episode 8 cast late Carrie Fisher is going to play a major role in the last jedi. Miller reveals on his official Twitter account that he did get to watch a glimpse of the actress. But she did not deliver any dialogue. Another point Miller makes here is that Fisher is seen in her military garb. Her appearance was hardly for a second.

Late Carrie Fisher passed away in late 2016. She was 61 years old and has completed her work on episode 8. The upcoming second installment of star wars trilogy might see paying tribute to her contribution as General Leia Organa. The mystery over her portrayal in future star wars films remains.

Star Wars: Episode 8

A Character Yells It’s Now Or Never

Miller says that in the viewed clip he has seen a character yelling “It’s now or never.” But he does not tell who says those words. Speculations are rife that Rey says that to Luke Skywalker. This dialogue seems to be delivered at planet Ahch-To.

The exact reason why Rey visits the planet Ahch-To might be revealed in Star Wars: Episode 8. Upon meeting Luke and striking a conversation she seems to yell those words at him. Rey knows that the dark side of the force is going to destroy them if they do not act swiftly.

Miller also reveals that Luke asks Rey, “Who are you?” before she hands over the lightsaber. This drops a hint that Luke is not aware of who Rey is. And the story of episode 8 will begin from this scene.

Exotic Location For Star Wars: Episode 8

On his official twitter handle, Miller says that he has seen exotic location in the viewed footage. This includes mountains, oceans, forests and deserts.

From this description, it seems that place is none other than planet Ahch-To. Fans of Star Wars: Episode 7 film has seen such beautiful scenery on planet Ahch-To. Hence the possibility remains that Miller is talking about that location.

Fans can check Daniel Miller’s Tweets on Star Wars: Episode 8 footage here.

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