Star Wars: Episode 8 Theory- New Details Teases Snoke’s Identity

By Disha Mashelkar | 2 years ago
Star Wars: Episode 8 Theory- New Details Teases Snoke’s Identity
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Star Wars Celebrations are soon going to take place in Orlando, Florida. Star Wars: Episode 8 teaser trailer release is the most anticipated event at this celebration. As the date draws closer, a new theory is discussed about Snoke. It talks about his identity and importance of the light side of the force. Read to know more.

Snoke Does Not Have A Physical Form

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Snoke has only been seen in hologram form. Nobody knows who is Snoke and details about his identity are kept under wraps. All that is learned about him is that he seems to be an ancient form of energy. The novelization talks that he has witnessed the rise and fall of the empire. There has been a growing speculation that Snoke does not have a physical form reports Express UK.

The website further adds that Snoke exists in a weaker form. He has a twisted form with terrible scars. This is the reason why he needs Kylo Ren as a physical host, reports YouTube user Thor Skywalker. Perhaps once he has a host body he can reign over the dark side of the force and destroy the light side completely.

Star Wars: Episode 8

Reason Why Snoke Is Unable To Seize Kylo Ren’s Body

If the above theory has some potential truth, then Snoke should have been able to take over Ren’s body as the host. But he hasn’t been successful in doing so. He has been training Ren to follow the dark side of the force. He started his training in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But the takeover on his body is not yet seen. The main reason behind this might be revealed in Star Wars: Episode 8.

But as per the aforementioned source, the main reason can be that some part of the light still exists. And therefore even Princess Leia Organa was sure that Ren can be diverted back to the light side of the force. So, only when the entire light side is destroyed will Ren’s body might be completely taken over by Snoke.

Ren Kills Han Solo But The Training Is Incomplete

Star Wars: The Force Awakens saw Ren killed his own father, Han with a light saber. His act left everyone in shock, including Princess Leia. Killing Harrison Ford’s Han perhaps was the idea of Snoke. He might have thought that the death of Han might collapse the light side. As a result, Ren’s training will be complete and he will be able to take over his body.

However, that does not happen. The aforementioned source says that the novelization states Ren did not feel happy after killing his father. Kylo expected to feel a rush of dark side power when he killed Han, but instead he felt weaker, the website adds.

Star Wars: Episode 8 Might Show Ren’s Struggle

Kylo might be still saved from completing his training for the dark side of the force. The death of Han did not complete Ren’s training. This means there is still enough light to pull Kylo back to the light side and return him as Ben Solo.

This remaining light can play an important role in saving Ren from sacrificing his body as a host to Snoke. A part of his struggle between the two forces might be teased in Star Wars: Episode 8.

It will be a difficult situation for Ren to leave the dark side. He is following the orders of Supreme Leader Snoke. He has even attempted to harm Rey and Finn on Snoke’s order.

On the other hand, Ren is very much attracted to Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker. He wants to follow his ancestor’s footsteps. In this journey, he might realize the mistakes he committed. Another possibility suggests that Ren might be revealed as The Last Jedi and this can force him to switch sides.

Star Wars: Episode 8 is set to release on Dec.15, 2017.
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