Star Wars Episode VIII and Talks About Rian Johnson as Director

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Star Wars Episode VIII and Talks About Rian Johnson as Director

The indie world is certainly making its mark in the mainstream films as indie director Rian Johnson is about to make the huge leap in directing the next Lucasfilm galactic installment “Star Wars Episode VIII.” Read on for further details.

A lot of people are able to witness indie directors getting their big break towards a huge production with Darren Aronofsky in the biblical epic “Noah” and Gareth Edwards in the remake of the monster film “Godzilla.” This time around, their league of indie directorial extraordinaire will be joined by Rian Johnson as he has been appointed (by mistake, so he says) to direct the next installment of the “Star Wars” franchise.

The breakout director is known for his creative mind behind the 2012 futuristic action movie, “Looper.” It was basically his third film that followed his 2008 movie “The Brothers Bloom” and 2005 output “Brick.” People were too involved with the recent filming of J.J. Abrams for the “Star Wars Episode VII” that they seem to have overlooked the news about its next installment. The announcement for Rian’s efforts in assuming the directorial position for the next “Star Wars” film was made some months ago after the production phase for the seventh film commenced during May. Such essential proclamation was claimed to have been made around June. In addition to that, he will also be taking part in the development of the ninth episode as one of the official scribes. This is all according to the report from Screen Rant.

On his recent interview on the 500th episode of the movie podcast Filmspotting, he divulged indirect information on the circulating rumors of his director position in “Star Wars Episode VIII.”

“I can only assume it was a clerical error, like in the movie Brazil. There’s a Brian Johnson out there who is really mad,” joked the indie director, as published on The Hollywood Reporter, when asked about his take on his very iconic directorial breakthrough.

Despite all of his indirect answers and pseudo confirmations, Rian was still not able to hide his excitement for the “Star Wars” films. He admitted that he was definitely of the intergalactic medium and described them as something to be really beautiful, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

There is only so much that he is able to safely say, but one can definitely detect the positivity in his reactions and responses. For now, we can only hope that whoever will really be directing the next “Star Wars” movies, he or she will not disappoint the viewers who are both young and seasoned alike.

That sums up the news for Rian Johnson’s highly positive outtake in directing “Star Wars Episode VIII.” Continue to check on Movie News Guide (MNG) for the latest updates in the entertainment industry.

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