Star Wars Episode VII’s Anthony Daniels Confirms Practical C-3PO Suit

By Kevyn Cortez | 4 years ago
Star Wars Episode VII’s Anthony Daniels Confirms Practical C-3PO Suit

“Star Wars” veteran Anthony Daniels, who played the droid C-3PO for four decades, shares some of his insights on playing the character, revealing along the interview that the “Episode VII” version of his beloved character will be rebuilt for him to continue performing in the costume. Want to know more on this story? Read on.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Anthony Daniels, a veteran on “Star Wars” films, as well as the person behind the lovable droid C-3PO, reveals that he will be reprising the role of the golden droid who won’t be reincarnated in form of CGI but in a practical costume.

“I will tell you that when [director] J.J. Abrams rang me to ask about filming Episode VII, one of the first things he said after he told me how wonderful I was — and that didn’t take long — but he then said, ‘Would you be interested in being in the film just doing the voice?’ I said, ‘No,’ and he said, ‘Right!’” said Daniels on Entertainment Weekly.

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Daniels has played C-3PO in all six of the “Star Wars” feature films from the original installment in the series, as both the body and voice of the robot. Daniels has also reprised the role for various promotional work such as hosting “The Making of Star Wars,” “Star Wars Connections” and “The Science of Star Wars,” as well as appearances in “The Muppet Show” and “Sesame Street” and an antismoking public service announcement. He also lent his voice to the character for four animated series: “Droids,” “Star Wars: Clone Wars,” “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and the all-new “Star Wars Rebels.”

The veteran actor has also made cameo appearances as a humanoid in two scenes of the feature films, Lieutenant Dannl Faytonni, a tribute to his own name which was modified a bit and as an Outlander in the nightclub scene in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.” He was the man in blue uniform that can be seen in a cutaway reaction shot after Obi-Wan disarm the bounty hunter Zam Wesell. He also voiced his character in the animated comedy, “The Lego Movie,” where his character made a cameo appearance along with other crew members of the Millennium Falcon.

That’s it for the latest scoop on “Star Wars Episode VII,” with Anthony Daniels to reprise his role as C-3PO in a practical costume. “Star Wars Episode VII” is on course for a December 2015 release date. For more updates about the seventh “Star Wars” franchise, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Daniels03


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